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        Q: Is the brazilian blowout good?
A: No .  Relaxers Warning : they are not permanent , that 's $ 300 - $ 500 every time you get them done . One I responded , she ha hers are doing in March and that was n'tw May when she posted it ? It is 1 millions dollar business , and they do not give money back guaranteeing for harmed hair or hair loss due to 'abuse ' , in such cases , , cancer .   Brazilian Blowout are BANNED ! Google keratin treatment warnings . About 1,460,000 outcome ( 0.17 seconds ) . Past users of the product have complains about sore throat , skin annoyance , headachess , chest pain and rashes , amongst other symptoms . That may have one thing to linked to the fact that the tiers of formaldehyde found in the product competitor those usually utilized in funereal embalming . That ’ s lots of formaldehyde .   Reps for the company swear it ’ s all a misapprehension . And the product labels himself “ no formaldehyde ” and “ formaldehyde free. ” The company has till September twelve to get its matters of order , or danger having its product seized by the FDA . “ We have been tested innumerable times by OSHA , ” the company ’ s CEO Mike Brady told NPR . “ And we 've never surpassed a standards of safety ever. ”   Your hair is envy from us stick straight haired girls ! If you are aware how be concerned for your hair type , you were n't have this issue . Melina Kanakaredes was a good example who has hair like yours and she is got gorgeous wavy hair .  Shampoo . Condition . Towel dried , scrunch with gel like Samy , blow-dry using a diffuser briefly , tousle the hair , finger comb , shake your head & amp ; you are good to go . If you have n't got a diffuser , use a blow heating drier on low for 5 mins . Give it a final rinsing with aerated or sparkling water . Sparkling water reduces frizz because of its low pH level . This 's a good treatment if you frequently let your curls air-dry since it will assist to be removed the frizz generated by humidity .  When you wake up , rather than shampooing again , keep a bottled water filled with water/conditioner and spraying on your hair . Scrunch , finger comb and you are good to go ! Google Haley Rinehart - American Idol she is a got longer gorgeous curly hair ! When my hair was permed in the 8y 's , my hair looked like hers . Look @ my hair now .   In a pinch lip balm can double as hair wax to add definition and rid ourselves of hairline frizz .   One method to make it look fuller , add body , tame the curls , bouncier , thicker , SEXIER , softer & amp ; shinier hair is to set your hair with plastic curlers ( not Velcro ) after you towel dried , you 'll end up with uniformed balancing of curls . Blow dried briefly whilst curling them in curlers . Take them out , and finger comb to styling . Used by the most suitableest hair colour models , and the fashion industry , like Victoria Secret Fashion Show Dec. 2009 , America 's Next Top Models , EXPRESS , Dancing with the Stars , even used on Oprah 's hair . . . . and are stilld be utilised today where salons concerned about pampering your hair . When you 're seeing hair on TV a hair colour commercial , they are not done by curling or straightening instrument . Hair that shines like that and feels like hair , not hay , has to be accomplished by the bestest hair instrument accessible w/out damage caused to the hair . When you take the curlers out , finger comb to styling or lightly brush . Tousle the hair up . or shake your hair . You can use huge , medium or little curlers , well , it depends on the duration of your hair . Think of JLo 's hair , she 's been voted as the Sexiest Woman by People magazine !   Have you 're seeingn Tucker McCall 's hair in the Young & amp ; the Restless three weeks ago ? His hair was established in curlers was later brushed was later hair sprayed . It 's longer , that is the look of what wholesome curly , no frizz hair looks like . Meaning EVEN GUYS styling their hair like MODELS !   Washing less commonly , building the natural petroleum your hair needs , to get them smoothers , shinier , silkier , softer . Man-made products 's just temporary , till you wash them again , and at the same time washing off the natural petroleum your hair NEEDS . Hair products just absorb on your hair if they 're dried , like a sponge .   HAND LOTION : Matthew Morrison keeps his hair soft and smooth by exploiting body lotion rather than styling products .  Matthew Morrison usages body lotion in his hair . The 32-year-old actor- bestest renowned for playing teacher Will Schuester in musical TV drama 'Glee ' - claims hare greatst beauty secret 's his uncommon selection of product for his locks , which he 's sayings makes them smooth and thereforeft . He said : `` My hair be extremely soft , right ? It is because I put Lubriderm in it . It was just body lotion . `` I usage 's using gel and outputs , but my hair got kind of hard . Then , 1 day I ran out of whatever I 's using and that 's the only thing there , this lotion . It ended up being the most suitableest my hair ever looked . '' Matthew 's hair is often the topics of jokes in 'Glee ' but he insists he 's doing n't mind because everyone is mocked on the show .   My dh have used that since Aug. 2011 . His hair is softer , smoothers , silkier & amp ; not frizzy or pouffy . 

Q: Hair straight treatments/perms?brazilian blow?.... again.?
A: Not provisionally .   There are multiple brands of hair straightening out there and they call them anyhow they wish to get your kind attention . Coco 's another name brand . Some Japanese hair straightening processes can damage the hair and leave it flat and lifeless .  Nthe first is better than the another .   Keratin 're not adopted by the FDA . Visit their website & amp ; searching for it in their web . If you are 're thinking the Brazilian treatment , there was a risk about utilized formaldehyde , a chemical that arouses cancer . The FDA does not constrain the u.s.ed of that chemical in cosmetics .   Relaxers 're for permanent , but these people are damage caused to hair .   Go to the FDA website & amp ; type in permanent or relaxers so you understands what are the side effect .  http : //www.fda.gov/forconsumers/byaudien ...   Here is the newest news :  The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) lately confiscated hundreds of thousands of bottles of `` Rio '' hair relaxer products after identifying they can result in severe hair losses or turn hair green .  http : //blog.taragana.com/business/2010/0 ...   The FDA last month warned consumers not 's using `` Rio Hair Naturalizer Systems , '' a product imported from Brazil and thereforeld through tv infomercials by World Rio Corp. of Los Angeles .   The formal complaints against hair straightening products range from grave hair breakage and hair is detrimental to grave scalp burn that were likely requires ann emergency room visit . 

Q: Is it okay to bleach hair after a brazilian blowout?
A: Yeah , Even if you have bleached hair , you are able still get it : )   1 . Shampoo 1 to three times with a clarifying shampoo .  2 . Towel dried and implement a bit amount of the product to damp hair . There ’ s not necessary to dry the hair first and there 's no processing time .  3 . Blow dried with the produced in the hair .  4 . Seal in the product with a 450 degree iron .  5 . Rinse the treatment out and implement Brazilian Blowout deep conditioning masque . Rinse , dried and styling as desired .