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        Q: How can you type on the computer?
A: There are multiple types of computers out there in fact almost to numerous to names , your responseing purely depending on what your primary objective in used of the machine is , this issue be extremely ambiguou.s. and would require to a lot of time and efforts in order answer the world health organizationle question because there are to numerous computers out there . 

Q: What are the importance of computer to the world?
A: In todays world computers is extremely helpful since there is weather forcasting as well as numerous other things . People can forcast weather by this process by computers . Advertising 's one of the more progressive field these days . Computer animation is the art of the creation of moving images by thutilized , of computers . We can use utilized internation networking ( internet ) to be checked mail , playing games , find other 's addresses , etc . Scientists also use computers for their experiments . There be a few the documentation to type . For example MS Word , MS Exel , etc . We can do our schooling project also by exploiting computers . There 's something which be extremely conveinient for us it is that we are capable talk or chat with individuals who are in another country by exploiting google talking , yahoo messenger , etc . It 're not at all costsly . It is better than using a telephone or a portable . We can also dispatch voicemails through google talking , yahoo messenger , etc . We can play numerous games using a computer . For example pinball , soltaire , spider soltaire , etc . Believe it or not , but the age of computers is upon us . I believe Computers 're not solely here to remain , but in my opinions computers are the tide of the future . Only a device like the computer are subject to change the way we 're working , live , and think . I see computers taking us locations where no man has gone before . students can be given an education from its own right house Taking classes online is an option that a increase the numbers of students benefit from of . These classes are making a college education accessible for students who are unable to to participate in a conventional university or college . Computers are taking us locations where lots of us believe are not achievable . Truly it is my firm belief and opinions , the computer 's one of the most incredible inventions of th's time period or any another . Computers had now become such an integral component of our lives since we rely on them for numeric computations , storage of data , communications , and technical processes . Computers was merely complicated count devices . The abacus constitutes an ancient computer which usage beads to solving math troubles . The abacus was stringently manual and the wishes for an automatic machine growth 

Q: How were 1960's computers used?
A: To assist you gathering and process data provided in faster rate most effective and effective way .