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        Q: How do you earn cafe cash in Cafe World?
A: TRUE FACT u can earn cafe world cash by cooking days in a row or on some goals the rewarding is cafe cash i have just received 3 cafe cashfor cooking thirteen days in a row and 1 cafe cash for finishing the new years party goals . this situation is the only free way of getting it that i 'm aware of and DEFFINETLY WORKS so do n't 's listening all these believed they know it all persons and keep cook 

Q: Can you play Facebook Cafe World on a BlackBerry?
A: Just Google for some answers you want or 're looking for . There a couple of cheats you are able do but primarily it takes alot of time to master CW . One good cheating everybody loves 's using is to click here to cook a dish was later eliminate it was later cook it is once again earn crazy CW Cafe Points . Browse to see which dishes give you the most Cafe Points during `` Cooking '' under the `` information '' on each dish . The more you are aware about the dishes you serve , the a number of points you earn . In CW , everything is about earning the Cafe ' Points instead of having the most suitableest cafe or whatever . The Cafe ' World Domination downloading is crap . You is not necessary to be devoted $ twenty-seven on a book that say to you how play games a game for free . It does n't say to you everything that the game already does or you already knew after playing a month or two . So , why be losing your money . 

Q: Where is rain forest cafe?
A: The Rainforest Cafe has various placements . There is one in Burlington , Massachusetts . Another Rainforest Cafe is feasible to found in San Antonio , Texas . Another Rainforest Cafe is feasible to found in Schaumburg , Illinois . Lastly , there exist a localisation in Orlando , Florida .