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        Q: Aluminum vs Carbon road bike frame?
A: I 'll truly freak out everyone . Steel 's all true ! My `` touring road bicycle '' on this link ... http : //www.raleighusa.com/archive/2011-s ...   If you wo n't be carrying any additional weighting besides yourself , a water bottle & amp ; the necessities i.e . under-the-seat bag with spare tubing , tyre levers , folding instruments & amp ; a frame pump - why drop 2K or more on carbon fibre for `` every now and later '' ? Plenty of good road bicycles continues to be being made from 100 percent aluminium or aluminium frame & amp ; carbon fibre forks .   One good falls - one cracking or imperfection & amp ; carbon fibre is usually history - toast . 

Q: Road Bike: Steel or Aluminum?
A: You got a stealing . A steel stealing . It was even have a carbon fork , for crying out loud .   The frame was no doubtly worth keeping ... lugged steel frames might weigh a little more , but they going on forever ( verify out a product called J.P. Weigle Frame Saver ) , are easily maintained , very reparable , and from a thief 's viewpoint these people are less desirable .   In fact the only negative I 's seeing is that your bicycle looks too good to be eligible as a commuter/beater . 

Q: Aluminum Vs. Carbon Bikes?
A: Carbon fibre and aluminum 's a newer and growingly popular substituted for the initial bicycle frame material , steel . In the early 21st century , carbon fibre profited a reputation for being lightweight and the most recent frame technology , but advance in the aluminium alloys and frame construction make the two frame materials equals competitors for bestest material .   Almost all carbon fibre bikes are destined for competitive road riders , who were able get risen speeding from riding on such a lightweight material . In contrast , aluminum frames available for road , mountain , cyclocross , hybrid and other models of bicycles as they come in different gradings .   Carbon fibre frames 're not always lighter than aluminium frames . Weight depending on construction methods . According to outdoor equipment retailer REI , when it comes to bike frames , `` the more you pay , the less it weighs , '' and this holds genuine for carbon fibre and aluminum bicycles . Comp's two bicycles of any frame material , and the lighter one will cost less .   Due to the weighting forces operating on a loaded-down touring bicycle , carbon fibre is a poor choice for such trips and also for any kind of off-road riding or trick riding . Lance Armstrong noticed that the spheres where metal fittings , such as fork terminates , bottom bracket shells or headtelephones , attach to a carbon fibre frame be particularly weak . Carbon fibre is magnificent for racing , with its combining of durcapacity and weighting . Aluminum frames handle better the weighting and shocks of grocery shop , commuting and trail riding .