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        Q: My beauty diary mask?
A: You can find the more complete line of My Beauty Diary masks at Cosmed ( http : //www.cosmed.com.tw/ ) - the mask maker and the pharmacy store chain are owned by the same business grouping , the Uni President . There is also a choice of My Beauty Diary masks at 7-11 , which belongs to the Uni President grouping as well , but the selected are rather restricted . Other places to find My Beauty Diary masks include sasa , A+1 , j-marts and Seasons . But Cosmed continues to be the recommconcluded one . 

Q: What are some face masks?
A: Yes here a couple of masks and scrubs with the ingredients .   Honey Cleansing Scrub   1 Tablespoon honey  2 Tablespoon finely ground almonds  1/2 teaspoon lemon juice   Mix together and rub gently onto your face . The honey has contributed to moisturize , the almonds help exfoliate , and the lemon has contributed to diminish redness and blotches . How sweet is that ?    Strawberries & amp ; Cream Toner   2 ounces mature strawberries  1/2 pint low fat dairy   Mix ingredients in a blender and strain through a paper towel . With a cotton ball , smooth the liquid onto your face , and wipe clean with a dried towel . The acids in both the dairy products and the strawberries brighten dull-looking skin . ( It leaves you smelling berry good , too ! )    Avocado Glow Mask   1 entire soft avocado , peeled and chopped  A squeeze of lemon   Mash the avocado in a bowl with a fork till smooth , and mixing in lemon juice . Apply the pasting to your face and let sit for twenty minutes . ( Avocado has natural moisturizing properties to make skin supersoft . ) Rinse with warm water and watch your friends get green with envy .    Salty Body Glow   1 cup fine sea salt  1/2 cup grape-seed , olive , or almond petroleum   Stir ingredients thoroughly in a bit bowl . Spreading the mixture onto humid skin and massage in -- the grainy salt whisks away deceased skin cells whilst the petroleum seals in moisture . Concentrates on the rough spots like elbows and heels . Rinse well , and check out that smooth bod !    Sweet Vanilla Soak   1 cup sweet almond petroleum ( light olive petroleum is also possible replace )  1/2 cup honey  1/2 cup fluid soap ( plain or flower-scented )  1 Tablespoon vanilla extract   Measure the petroleum into a medium bowl and later attentively stir in stayed ingredients till mixture is totally commingled . Pour into a squeeze bottle and add approximately one quarter of the mixing to a very warm bathtub ( this recipe will make enough for four baths ) . Steep -- and thereforeak your cares away . 

Q: How can I make this mask ?
A: Make a mask from the Victorian age , whenever they usage to have masquerades . They were super exquisite , with velvet and gold rope trim , and a lot of jewels . This one has some feathers on the side , which you are able add :  http : //www.gunfireandmoonstone.net/asset ...  http : //dallasvintageshop.com/wp-content/ ...