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        Q: A dialysis machine is used for what purpose?
A: A dialysis machine is occasionally alluded to as an `` artificial kidney '' . It fulfils the same tasks as the kidney , removing waste products from the blood . 

Q: What is the tubing in dialysis tubing made of and how does dialysis tubing work in an experiment involving osmosis?
A: It would assist if you clarified your issues , but what has now come my mind was the bathtube utilized for peritoneal dialysis . Peritoneal dialysis is a kind of dialysis that usages the peritoneum as the semipermeable membrane . The peritoneum is the membrane that surrounds the human gut – stomach , intestines , liver , etc – dialysis is achieved by filling the space around those organs with dialysate so that waste solutes can dialyze from the blood into the dialysate .   In to fill and empty the dialysate from the gut you required to have a tubing placed by a surgeon – a peritoneal catheter . From the outside that peritoneal catheter looks like a plastic tubing sticking out of the belly , its objectives are to allow dialysis . 

Q: How are the dialysis machine and the kidney alike as in parts?
A: the dialysis machine just sluggish takes your blood out and runs it through filter , that 's what your kidneys do whenever they 're working appropriately . i was on dialysis for 3 yeas . it is really amazing that they were able take our blood out and clean it for us . i then asked thec was all kind of issues . if you have any other issuess please e mail me and we are capable 'm talking you . god bless you .