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        Q: Can i use a mobile phone charger on my smartphone?
A: Of course you are able . 

Q: Can you use a different brand charger for your phone?
A: It depending on whether the current , voltage and polarity output by the charger 's the same as those required under the phone . Check the specs of both to see if these people are compatible .   There is a lot more to it than whether the plug fits . 

Q: Laptop charger not working?
A: Built to order computers  Martin K  I can assist in you with your problem ...  Let 's not blame the charger straightaway .  Let was just begin like this.Laptop tell us `` Plugged in , Not charging ''  First of all this situation is software that your looking at , and that says , this to you .  The Battery indicator software 's a good indication of what is happening , and it is presumably rights .  But , It 's never a Definitive the results from what is happening , it is able malfunction .  Ignore it for now .  Try this ... Leave your notebook on , and totally discharge the battery .  Then When the computer switches off .  Disconnect the Battery . and plug the charger into it .  ( rapid be noted ... A technical point ... . It is n't exactly called a charger , It is called a Transformer , It 's job 's to transform The AC Alternating current from high Voltage ( whatever maybe it is in your wall ) to a lower voltage ( that wo n't overload and blow your computer ) ..  Back to the point ...  Now switch the notebook on . If it 's goes on successfully leave it on for has long been a and set the screen saver to off and the power settings to Always On , See if stay on for several hours . If it does was later your `` Charger '' ( Transformer ) is all right . and your battery is the the problem  believing that you said you already bought a new charger , i would be inclined to guess that your charger is all right . Generally Chargers ( Transformers ) are pretty solid and rugged , it takes a great deal to damage such things .  My Guess is that your battery Needs replacing , I 'll explain this shortly ... .  Now if your notebook Does n't startup , You required to troubleshoot the Charger ( Transformer ) .  If you have a Multimeter and you are aware how 's using it was later set it to be checked the DC ( Direct Current ) on the charger . it could just be dying , and thus it 's outputting lower than it 's power rating , which explains why your computer does n't start or charge .  If not ... do n't worry Just do these simple step .  You said you 're seeing a lighting , that generally mean that the power cable part of the transformer is working . but later again it could just means that the capacitors in the transformer continues to be holding the charging .  If the light stay on for longer that five minutes , the power cable is ok.  You can Just go to any electronics store , to pick up a substitution , but a number of points you required to remember .  Look at the Bottom label of your Charger ( Transformer ) you required to match the power rating . otherwise , if you do n't your computer will either Not start or Not charging . ( if the transformer is underrated , or ... . If it 's above the Power rating , It will Certainly Damage your motherboard . But before it does you will get a warning sign . the Battery will heat up much more than normal , Not just a little bit . This is because when power is stored it gives off heating energy .  Your computer has a Power rating on the bottom of it . in my portable situation ( for example )  It 's 19.5V DC ( DC mean that the power does not come directly from the wall , This is the simple explication , Not the accurates one )  and on my charger ( Transformer ) it says Output 19.5V ( theres a funny sign here ) subsequently 3.9A  the funny sign is the universal symbol for DC ( Direct current ) it 's made up of 2 lines , 1 on top and another on the bottom , the Bottom line is ruptured and the top line is uninterrupted  So you 're seeing my charger Outputs 19.5V to my notebook which is rated by the portable maker ensuringly operate at 19.5V . If your notebook also states on the bottom . one particular Amp ( A ) rating , you required to make convinced your charger 's also rated for the Volts and Amps properly .  It could be that the substitution charger you purchase was thusld to you purchase a salespeople who did not comprehend basic electronics , ( i see th's a lot of money ) .  In which case it does n't damage your portable , it did n't have sufficient power began to it or charge it .  The other thing ( and i 'm hoping i 'm incorrect here ) is that the new charger you got , 's over rated for your computer . this will harm your computer ( nearly always ) , but you stated that you saw the battery indicator . So i hope that your computer still is working .  If the computer begins with just power from the charger , and No Battery .  Put the battery in and see what 's happening , It could just be that it 's a deceased or defective battery ,  Sometimes batteries are defective and that is n't true accept charging from the transformer , this would alcertainly cause the scenario that you 're enjoying .  Unfortunately portable batteries 're not cheap .. Sorry  The good news is that there is no hurry , you are able securely operate your notebook without the battery .  It is perfectly fine . Remember that the Battery is Just a Power source for the computer and since that power source are currently inaccessible , your just using another power source in it 's place ( that 's properly rated for that notebook ) .. simple  I hope this in-depth explication on basic electronics has assisted you understand this better .  and i 'm hoping My detailed esbe saying has assisted you .  if you have further issuing  contact me at  bto4u @ optusnet.com.au