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        Q: What do they use tin for?
A: Tin has numerous usages .  - Electro-plating is an significant of applying the tin . It is feasible to done using the electroplating of a bit coat of tin around objets of steel , copper , aluminum etc .   -The tinned slices have countless apps such as in kitchen utensils , spraying receivers and shaving foam , ink cans , electronic components , mainstreamed circuits , clips , pins as well as numerous another . -- -- -   -Tinned objets is also possible used with decorative purposes .   - As a pure metal , . It can still to utilise in storage tanks for pharmaceuticals chemical solutions , in capacitors electrodes , fuse-wires and munitionss , tinned iron sheets protecting victuals , sweets or tobacco etc .   -Some of the tin organic compounds have various application as fungicides and insecticides for the agricultural and still as wood , textile and paper preservers .   -Alloys of tin 's also significant , such as soft solder , pewter , bronze and phosphor bronze .   -The its most important tin salt used is tin ( II ) chloride which utilized , as a reduce agent and as a mordant . Tin salts sprayed onto glass 's use to produce electrically conductive coatings . Most window glass is made by floating melted glass on molten tin to produce a flat surface . Recently , a tin-niobium alloy that is superconductive at very low temperatures has attracted interest .   The most significant tin compound is the tin dioxide ( SnO2 ) , utilized in electrical resistors and dielectrics , and the tin monoxide that it utilized , in the manufacture of tin salts for electroplating and as chemicals reactants . The tin compounds that contain lead , barium , calcium and copper is crucial in the manufacture of electricalal capacitors . The tin fluoride utilized , as addictive in toothpastes . 

Q: How is tin made and what is it out of?
A: Soda cans are n't made of Tin thinks it or not , since Tin is toxic.Soda cans are made mostly from Aluminum extracted from Bauxite deposited . The Tin man is made from Tin . You know The Tin man from the Wizard of OZ ? Follow the Yellow Brik road ...  But , soldering wire for electronics can have Tin additional to it . It was in fact Tin and Lead alloy . The symbol for Tin is ; Sn on the Periodic Table of Elements .  Copper and Tin make the alloy Bronze . 

Q: 4 uses for the element tin?
A: There 's two important usages for it . It utilized , to coat food cans , to maintaining themetres away from rusting . Tin has low toxicity , so you are able securely store food in tin-plated steel cans . It 's also employed to make solder , which utilized , being incorporated into electric elements intoto circuits .