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        Q: PHYSICS - Velocity and Acceleration of a Bouncing Ball?
A: The ball accelerates up . On each collision , the ball will be receiving the pace of the wall . This 's why when you compress a cylinder of gas , the gas heats up ( temperature is commensurate to average speeding squared of the molecules ) .  If such was n't the case , tennis would were extremely dull . You are not able be accelerated the ball by hitting it with a racket ... .   The relation with momentum and energy is this : the wall must exert a force to alter the momentum generated by the ball from p to - ( p + m V ) , where V is the pace of the wall . Therefore , the wall fulfils work , as it exerts a force over a distance V t in time t. So the job is W = F V t. This work raising the energy of the ball . 

Q: I need help choosing a soccer ball! Please help!!?
A: you are able practice with any sized ball . If you wish to work on regular proficiencies like dribbling and shooting , use a three or four . If you wish to work on fine ball controlling , use a sized 1 .   I have my teams scrimmage one another using a sized 1 ball . They have a explosion and they truly work on their ball controlling since it 's very easy to hit it incorrect .   For a regular ball , get something that 's firm , but with a small cushion and that 's a regulation ball . As far as brand , it 's a personal preference , but I like Mitre . They are dignified quality balls for a reasonable pricing . 

Q: What is the best ball to catch regigigas with besides a master ball?
A: u could try slackening it or using sleep powder and later use a ultra ball mabye