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        Q: My garage door opener is broke -- Can I somehow use it manually until I can get someone to repair it?
A: If the cables are ruptured subsequently there 's gonna be no spring tension to assist in lift the door . The entire objective of the spring is to neutralise the weighting of the door . Without it you are able lift it however , it will were extremely very heavy .   As for operating it without the garage door opener - yes , you are able open them when an opener fails . Suppose the motor quits - or you have a power failure ; there is a cable or cord that hangs down from where the shuttle rides on the railways , pulling the door opening or pushing it closed . When you pull the cable you disconnect from the shuttle and can open the door manually . But like I already 's saying if the spring or cable is ruptured subsequently the door will were extremely very heavy . You CAN open it - however , it will take lots of muscle to do it .   Hope this assistances .   'av'a g'day mate .   `` )   ADDITIONAL : I looked at your firstly question . If that cable came off the pulley this is not simple to put back on . And you are able break fingers attempting if you have n't got the right instrument and know how .   You described the garage door going up crooked - this meant that that one side still ha the spring assisting aid lift the door . But without the door going up evenly everything it will do is get stuck and you could burn out your garage door lifting motor . I doubt it is capable of to open it by hand either . It was just in too much disrepair .   If this is just the cable having come off the pulley you should n't have bothered much expense other than the servicing call . But if the cable is ruptured or harmed subsequently it was necessary to be superseded . Good news is that the cables 're not very expensive , you just required to find the rights sized and length cable . Measure the garage door opening from top to bottom AND from side to side . Then measure the door himself in the same manor . The measurements will were extremely closes but they 'll be various for evident grounds . But whomever 's selling you a new cable will be required known better how big the door is otherwise the cable is feasible to too short or too longer . And it has to be the appropriate strength as well . Otherwise this is just going to break again .   You MIGHT required to replace expected pulley . It may have cracked . That could be why the cable came off in the firstly place . They are not convoluted devices , they was just hazardous if you did n't hear what you are doing . There are multiple garage door technicians who get injures each year . Mostly broken fingers and lacerations . Still , if you do n't KNOW what you 're doing subsequently it would be better 's leaving it to a professional . As for cost - that part I 've got no idea .   'av'a g'day mate .   `` ) 

Q: Items in my garage are rusting? Tools, golf clubs?
A: Sounds like the moisture 're not getting out..Is there spillages in the whether striping ? ? Standing water after rain ? 

Q: Making garage door silent?
A: On the sides of the rail in which the door rides up and down . There are holes , put an enormous screwdriver , pliers , crowbar or another object in and it will prevent the door from going up and down . Both sides is better , but one side will do ... Find a hole near the roller and place the screwdriver or another only in front of ( top ) 's the best ...