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        Q: Technology at Kraft Foods?
A: In general food is NOT retained when the shell is opened , however , as you say , its shelf life after  opening depending on the processing and formula used .  Bacteria , yeastern and mould that cause food spoilage need a source of water , a source of foodstuffs , and a  source of oxygen to multiply . ( anaerobic bugs is not necessary oxygen ) ..  Refrigeration is one helpful `` preservative '' in that microbial activity is slowed .   This is a very difficult topic . My response is extraordinarily limited to answering your issues in order  to not bore you . 

Q: What do you think about Kraft taking over Cadburys?
A: I am inconsolable beyond words .  I 've been following this history intimately because they first starts their bidding and I believe it was doomed to failureure , it makes no financial sense at everything in the longer term .   I endorsed you , every amalgamation I 've encountered was transformed into a horror story beyond the rapid buck it offerings to greedy stockholders .   Since I reading the paper this morning I 've been completely distraught .  It 's an enormously sad day for England , one of our most beloved and final stayed institutions to sell to another greedy and degenerate debt ridden U.S company .  With the exemption of Malcolm Glazer and his inbred progeny who have raped and plundered my football Club there were no one today I would like a more agonizing demise visited upon than Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld .  I hope she chokes to death on one of her own processed cheese meals .   regards mephisto   @ Marco Rossi : This certainly was a hostile bidding . 

Q: Do I pass the brown paper bag test?
A: In food science this test utilized , to discouragemine if a substance is fat or not . It is a crude test however , it operating in a pinch . Rubbing the unidentified substance on the brown paper bag if fat is present the bag will get translupercent . If it is water based it just gets moist .