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        Q: Air Pump for Air Gun?
A: industry brand qb-57 made in china . archerairguns.com is presumably one of the most knowledgable @ these guns . they have a quite good as a result of and a lot of information @ them in the chinese airgun forum too . 

Q: Set up aquarium air pump and decorations?
A: The air pumping needs positioning above the water surface level in order to avoid back syphoning and an electrical blow out . You can use an anti-back flow valve however , it reduction air pressure significantly . A length of air line goes from the pumping into the water . You will be required a 'T ' or 'Y ' air line connector to have two lengths of line going to the air stone and the bubble wand . Finally you need a small air line 'G ' clamp . This goes on the air line wherever you 's seeing from the bubbles which receives from most air . Use the 'G ' clamp to balance the air flow . 

Q: What's wrong with my air pump?
A: It is very much like an engine . There is a piston , rod , crankshaft , and valves . A electrical motor 's connected to the crankshaft . The rod 's connected to the crankshaft and piston , inclosed in a housing blocking . The piston starts down and the air intake valve opening , air is drawn into the chamber , shortly before the piston reaches bottometres of the crank stroke the valve shuts . The piston starts upwards and the air exhaust valve opens . The air is forced into a holding tank.When the piston reaches the top of the stroke the valve shuts , and a new cycle is starting . Over and over till set pressure be achieved . The 's a pressure cut off switching which switched off the authority to the motor..When air is let out of the tank , the pressure Switch will close at it 's set point enabled the motor to run .