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        Q: Does anyone here put their dog on treadmill?
A: i do n't believe they did its a bad thing in fact i did the same with my dog . it took him a whilst to get employed to it and i ha began to im out truly sluggish and i never left him unsupervised on it of course . however , after a whilst he truly took to it . he still got thlie outside walking as well but with the snow there used just no way to walk each day though numerous days i still did simply not as far or for as long . i also ha the treadmill in the home for several days before i introduced him to it . so just beginning off sluggish both with the intro and the walking speeding . in the beginninging use the lowest speeding on the machine and during the course of a few few days you are able bump it up a small if your dog is okay with it . i never let my dog go quicker subsequently a brisk walking . if i were you i did n't mean to either but that is the just me . in a run if he trips somehow he can hurt itself much worse than he could at a quick walking . do n't tie him on it either subsequently can get dragged i he decreases . so in short i do n't believe they did there exists any problem with using a treadmill for a dog as longer as i does n't totally take outdoor walks out of the picture . 

Q: Is walking on the treadmill on an incline at a high speed just as good as running?
A: You are n't losing weighting because you are obtaining muscle . If you are running at 6mph with an incline ... your legs 's going to get muscles . 

Q: How to treadmill train a small dog?
A: Not solely feasible , but very good for wintertime and bad weather .   Let your dog watch you on treadmill . Talk to him whilst you 're walking on treadmill .  Put dog on lead and whilst you 're walking on treadmill , hold lead whilst dog stands to the side ( off the tm )  Start dog on a still belt , you walk in place beside treadings . ( do not start belt yet )  Start belt at 1mph with dog on belt . You still walk in place beside .  Graduallies increase mph . You walk/run in place beside treadmill .  ( This entire cycle of training is feasible to are doing in around 2 hours )   This entire time , you 're holding the lead as if you 're walking/running alongside dog .  Talk continually , heartening dog - it assists him to listen to your voice over the motor .   It will take are a few of days of this prior to it is capable of to flop the lead over the console  ( NEVER TIE THE LEAD TO THE TREADMILL )  After are a few of days with lead , you 'll be able to go with just collar / with you still walking/running beside .   NEVER let the dog run faster on the treadings . He can wreck and hurt itself .   For a better workout , incline treading and put a weighting vest on dog . Not too much weighting with an incline .   Good luck .