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About products and suppliers:

For all your wholesale motherboards shopping needs, we at have assembled a huge network of suppliers for a multitude of listings of motherboards. You will find standalone motherboards with the ports you need, features you want and of the size required or you can order from our options in motherboard cpu combo products that take out the hassle of having to find motherboards that will pair with particular cpu ports.

The three main sizes of motherboards are atx motherboard, micro atx motherboard and mini atx motherboard. While mini and micro atx are both small motherboard options, mini is smaller than micro atx. The smaller the motherboard, the fewer features there will be. For example, mini and micro motherboards will have fewer PCIe and ram slots.

So for those looking for gaming motherboard options, micro and mini atx might not be the right choice as they will only be able to upgrade them so far. The best motherboard pc options will come with built in wifi and thunderbolt 3 ports that allow for transfer speeds of up to 40 gbps. Different boards have different numbers of expansion slots and RAM slots, so look out for these when choosing.

With the information available from our sellers on you can pick the perfect shipment of motherboards for your customers. Start ordering today!