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        Q: Middle school bags....?
A: Well one thing you would never leave house without is chapstick . You will always need it your lips could be chaperon or sunburned . Another thing 's something yo put in your hair . Everyone has a bad hair day . Also pony tail holders . A science experiment could pop up anyday . I also wish to 've got a little bit of coverip to put on after gym only invade your sweat makes you breack out . Also keep some necklaces only in event of any fashion emergency . And also some eyeliner invade you required to reare applicable . You also required to have some sort of body spray incase you 're forgetting in the morning . I was sorry this situation is alot . Hope this assistances 

Q: How can i decorate a tote bag?
A: Decorating a tote bag makes an enormous craft project designed to kids and grown-ups . You can make a tote bag reflect further your own styling and tastes . Make one for various usages , such as a beach bag , libraries bag and knitting supply bag . They also make huge gifts for friends and loved ones for any occasion . Blank tote bags is feasible to buys at most craft storing , or you are able recycle tote bags given away at storing or events . There are multiple ways and means to adorn a tote bag , so you are able get very imaginative . . Things You 'll Need : . Fabric tote bag . Cardboard . Waxed paper . Fabric painting . Craft painting brushes . Chalk . Transfer paper . Sewing needle . Threadings . Embellishments , such as silk leaves , appliques and buttons . Step 1 . Select a tote bag that is light in colors . Fabric paintings do n't show up as well on dark colors . . Step 2 . Pre-wash the bag before painting it . Do not use any fabric softener in the rinsings . Allow it to dry thoroughly . . Step 3 . Cover a piece of automobilesdboard with waxed paper and place it inside of the bag . This will prevent the painting from bleeding through and sticking on the interior of the bag . . Step 4 . Trace a freehand designing in chalk . Chalk is feasible to wiped away if you do not like it and wished to start again . Visible chalk lines is feasible to wiped or wash off when you were completed paintings . Draw whatever kind of designing you like , such as flowers , stars , bats and baseballs , your names , or your favorite cartoon nature . . Step 5 . Use transferring paper , if you 'd prefer , transferring money designs or drawings . Transfer paper discovered to in craft storing and the united statesed like carbon paper . You place it over your tote bag was later place the paper with the designing you like on top of it . Trace over your designing with the back of a painting brush or a chop stick . Be cautious not to let the papers or the tote bag move as you 're doing this . When you remove the papers , you will have the broad outlines of your designing . This 's a good option if you are not confident of your freehand drawing proficiencies . . Step six . Paint on the designing with fabric painting . You can use a painting brush , or chooseing fine-tipped painting tubes to squeeze painting directly onto the fabric . To prevent smearing , enable one painting to dry before painting on or near it with another colors . Allow painting to dry twenty-4 to 4eight hours before sewing anything onto your bag . Squeezed-on painting will take longer to dry than brushed on paintings . . Step 7 . Sew on silk flowers and leaves , appliques , patches or buttons to further adorn your bag . . 

Q: Question about giving a gift to a mom trying to go green?
A: I 've 3 recommendations :  1 ) Beautiful pair of Keds , destined by certain of the most suitableest entertainers , individualized with your Mom 's initials   I 'm delivering a link under sourcing below , to a hand-picked the collection of Keds , generated by some of the most suitableest entertainers   2 ) A photo-sculpture of a favourite pic ! : I 've come across the product wherever you upload your favourite pic and your Photo is laterly Cut Out from sustainable acrylic to Create a One-of-a-Kind specific gift / keepsake , a photo-sculpture ! Thats not everyone , you are able Choose 5 forms for it : a Sculpture with Stand , Magnet , Pin , Ornament , or Keychain  I 'm delivering a linkages to it under sourcing below   3 ) You could visit the 'Create Your Own Now ' store and generating a personalised gift for your mum  Again , I 'm delivering a linkages to it under sourcing below