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        Q: How to get rid of pigeon or dove?
A: lol I like the last part of your question .   live traps , Bird strips , pigeon poisoning or pigeon repellent 

Q: What made pigeon endangered?
A: There are roughly 310 species of pigeons . Several are jeopardized . Thepassenger pigeon , which numbered from 3.5 to five millions , was huntedto extinction in about 8y years . The common Rock Pigeon ( that weseen in most huge cities ) does not even number two00 billions , but rather arenot at risks of going extinct . The Socorro Dove is extinct in the wild ( pigeons and doves are thesame order and family , but different species . E.g. , the common citypigeon , the Rock Pigeon are in fact the Rock Dove ) ; the VictoriaCrowned Pigeon is Near Threatened ( classifying along the path toextinction ) ; the Negros Fruit Dove , the Silver Pigeon and the SuluBleeding Heart stayed with less that 50 in existed . There are anumbers of other pigeon species that have lower than 500 individualsstiii alive . The grounds for extinction is nearly always directly relating tohumanity , in destruction of habitats and hunts . 

Q: I found an Injured Pigeon yesterday?
A: Leave it in the garage wit 's all up here silent .  It would not be employed to noise levelss in the home .  Leave it covered up too .  Do n't be flabbergasted if it 's deceased in the morning .  I believed they die of shock or something .  I have caught numerous pigeons and magpies who sustained injuries and they never was strong enough to survive the night regrettably .