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        Q: How would I make a lid for my aquarium?
A: Bad idea , glass is sensitive and it would have to be drilhas contributed to enable gas exchanging .   Get a splash mat that would go between the hood lighting and the water . It was clear-cut plastic and extremely cheap . The aquarium hood is here to home the lighting and stop fish jumping . You do n't need the hood if the lighting is greater than the tank , everything you necessary is something that still retains heating and stops the fish jumping ? 

Q: How do I make a lid for..?
A: Repairing the broken lid if feasible   Maybe some polymer clay if the substitution lid was just too little   If you have accessing to a band-saw a piece of wood could be sawed to fit subsequently another piece glued on the top   Then polymer clay could be sculpted , baked , and glued with epoxy glue   I 'd prefer ceramic but with the time limit polymer clay is quicker   Polymer clay should not touch food so on top of a lid should not be a problem 

Q: Lid stuck on paper mache box?
A: You could use any material that 's rigid ( and will remain rigid when wetted ) and already the right sized because you 'll just be papier macheing over it . You managed to find or make a formetres of the rights shape , or you could make it from two parts ( round top + strip for sides attached with tabs or tape ) , or even other ways .   There is far too numerous materials opportunities to list -- from plastic caps/lids , to cardstock to metal flashing/etc to wire mesh differentent kinds of clay ( toughened , and sealed if an air-dry clay ) , etc , etc .   For the general technique of making lids for boxes , verify out this page at my site :  http : //glassattic.com/polymer/vessels.ht ... ( esp . the category *Lids & amp ; Feet* )  and possibly also following website/glassattic.com/polymer/vessels_ro ... ( *Lids & amp ; Other Parts )  There differ in ways and means of making the lid shape though ... e.g. , flat with stops of various kinds inside to maintaining it on , perpendicular sides to hold it on , etc .   .