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        Q: What are the names of the seas in Asia?
A: nga nga kwento mu sa pagong jke pero ito talaga Andaman Sea Arabian Sea Aral Sea Baltic Sea ( Touching ) Banda Sea Barents Sea ( Touching ) Bering Sea ( Touching ) Black Sea Bohai Sea Calebes Sea Caspian Sea Ceram Sea Chukchi Sea ( Touching ) Dead Sea East China Sea East Siberian Sea Flores Sea Java Sea Kara Sea Laccadive Sea Laptev Sea Mediterranean Sea ( Touching ) Mulucco Sea Red Sea Savu Sea Sea of Azov Sea of Galilee Sea of Japan Sea of Okhotsk Seto Sea South China Sea Sulu Sea Timor Sea ( Above the Aussi plate but named for an Asian land ) White Sea Yellow Sea 

Q: How many seas in world?
A: There are 5 Oceans : Atlantic , Pacific , Arctic , Southern and Indian . There are 113 seas altogether ( if you include the landlocked seas-110 if not ) . The Atlantic ocean is connected to 40 , the Arctic : 17 , the Pacific : thirty-three , the Southern Ocean : eleven , the Indian ocean : nine and there exist 3 landlocked seas , deceased , Caspian and aral ( even though these could be classed as salt lakes ) If you count all the landlocked seas , there exist 113 throughout the world . 

Q: What does a sea cucumber use to protect itself?
A: a sea cucumber protection himself by squirting out a white slimy substance that blinds the predator they take there spikes and if the animals 're trying grab it will stick them