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        Q: What is the difference between \"Four-wheel drive\" and \"All-wheel drive\"?
A: in a rear wheel driving automobile , the engine spins which turns a gearbox which turns a driveshaft which in turning turns the rear wheels .  the front wheels do not receive power . they just spin freely .  if you 're to lift up a automobile with rear wheel driving and let the engine driving , solely the rear wheels will move .   usually vehicles with four wheel driving ( mainly pick-up trucks ) have a device called a transferring case that goes in between the gearbox and the driveshaft . this transferring case allow the engine to also to be linked to front wheels .  a 4 wheel driving vehicle like a pickup lorry is principally remained in rear wheel driving mode BUT under special conditions , it will be amended to power all 4 wheels .   for the majority of cases this situation is is monitored by the driver . vehicles with 4 wheel drive frequently have cabin controls that allows the driver turning now it on and off .   that just said , it had risenly popular to have 4 wheel driving controlling modes where the automobiles computer switches in their own right .  if the automobiles computer identifies a losses of traction , it will activate 4 wheel driving automatically .   now another thing that has now become most popular is 4 wheel driving SUVs that were mostly front wheel driving .  in such vehicles there exists still a transferring case however , instead of dispatching power to the front wheels , it dispatches it towards the rear wheels and also for the majority of cases vehicle was travelling front wheel driving .    an all wheel drive vehicle on the other hand is one that provides power to all four wheels at all times . instead of using a transferring case which are able to be linked and disconnected whenever required , an all wheel drive vehicle is most commonly use something called a differential to spit power to the front and rear of the vehicle . all automobiles actually use differentials to split up power between left hand and rights wheels however , all wheel drive vehicles also use them to split up power to the front and rear sets of wheels . 

Q: Can you change the wheel of bikes?
A: YES ! Two ways and means to do this . 1 ) A good U-Bolt locking and cable passed through the wheels . 2 ) OnGuard makes locking skewers if the bike has rapid releasing wheels . See link from Amazon.com or your local bicycle shopping .   Best way is with the U-Bolt locking and a cable or truly thick chain . http : //www.kryptonitelock.com/Pages/HowT ... 

Q: Stagger on tires or wheels?
A: depending on the vehicle generally , but ur solely be limited by imagination and costss . what is it ur specially was endeavouring to do ? from the sized it sounds like ur workin with a lorry ?