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Besides cutting your energy costs, a solar water heater boasts further unique benefits to your household. The most significant perk of a solar water heater is that it uses sunlight, a naturally renewable resource. So the system doesn't generate toxic emissions while heating the water, reducing pollution. Also, a solar water heater requires minimum maintenance after installation. Other than the typical minor plumbing and cleaning practices, you won't incur significant maintenance costs. Lastly, a solar water heater is efficient as it converts most solar radiation into heat energy without relying on any external fuel, unlike other water heating systems.

When selecting a wholesale solar water heater for your household, there are factors you need to consider, including type, cost, and source of water. Solar water heating systems come in two types; flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. The latter is cheaper but is prone to damage as it is made of glass, whereas the prior is more durable as it is made of metal and is relatively costly. Also, solar water heaters come in a range of prices and typically cost more to install than other water heating solutions. Settle for an initial investment within your budget to avoid financial strains. Finally, water comes in two categories; soft and hard. So it is essential to consider your water source to determine the type of system that suits the mineral content of your water.

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