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        Q: Is stevia bad for you?
A: Stevia Rebaudiana is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family which increase wild as a bit shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil . It are usually considered safe and non-toxic even though the FDA did stopping the sales of stevia during the past , however , after more studies of security it 's now accessible in the US . it is able replace sugar in the diet . People all of the world consume stevia 

Q: Is sucralose and stevia sweetener consider to be healthy to cook with and put in tea?
A: Stevia is sold in the majority storing close to the other sweeteners and/or sugars .   It is costing little bit more than some alternative ways and I 'm finding this really is n't an even swap for another sweeteners so I guess there exists n't sufficiently incentive to alter recipes . 

Q: What happens when we put sugar in tea?
A: When you add sugar ( solute ) into the tea ( solvent ) it mixes together to make a solution ( when a solute/sugar , mixes into a solvent/tea . ) The particulate in the tea begins with broken off the sugar molecules . This is called dissolving , that 's when a solute will mixes and vanish into a solvent .