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2. The product should be scattered evenly in the stirring water, and the dissolving can be accelerated by warming the water (below 60℃). The pH value of the water to be treated should be adjusted before the treatment. The colloidal product can be packed in inner plastic bags and further in fiber plate drums with each drum containing 50Kg or 200Kg.

After using 80A51 , the drilling agent materials is singularity, the cost is low, and the economic efficiency is better. 80A51 has the good feature of falling water losing, dissolving even, and improving the thick, anti-shearing, and anti-polluted. s 8 ~ 10 filter loss, ml 26~30 Drilling agent (room temperature) apparent viscosity (sample additive amount 0.2%), mpa.

China supplier Concrete & Mortar Admixtures for coating system Product description Polycarboxylate superplasticizer 1 Liquid and Powder (With new technology) 2.High water reduce rate 3. High slump retention 4.Stable Quality DK-100 is a specifically designed polycarboxylate superplasticizer which exhibits excellent dispersion performance while maintaining good retention effects due to our cutting-edge processing technique; it has a wide range of applications as used in the industrial fields of normal concrete, pumping concrete, as well as self-compacting with high strength & durable concrete projects. Item Unit Standard Fluidity mm ≥ 240 Density G/cm3 1.11± 0.01 Solids % 50%± 1.5 PH Value ---- 6.5--7.5 Water reducing rate % ≥ 25 Air content % ≤ 3.0 Atmospheric pressure bleeding rate % ≤ 20 Pressure bleeding rate % ≤ 90 Chlorine iron % ≤ 0.1 Alkali content % ≤ 5 Sodium sulphate content % ≤ 5 Formaldehyde content % ≤ 0.5 Ratio of shrinkage % ≤ 110 Concreting time First concreting min -90--+120 Contract us Related Products Packaging

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