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        Q: What color yarn should I use for my yarn braids? My hair has natural highlights?
A: No , does not use white . For yarn , you always use the color that the horse 's mane is . Otherwise , it will look truly strange . If you want a white effect , after you braid the mane with black yarn , you wrap white electricians tape or `` braiding tape '' ( accessible at smartpakequine.com ) around each one of the braids . Good lcuk ! ! 

Q: Would crocheting/knitting items such as hats/blankets/etc.. be a good business for a teenager?
A: Acrylic yarn is machine washable - every hank of yarn sold these days has washing directives on the paper wrap . You can find numerous kinds of that yarn at storing like Joanne Crafts , Michael 's , and Hobby Lobby as well as knitting speciality storing ( there exist 3-4 in the Dallas area where I live )  Knitting squares is the fundamental start point for all knitting projects wherever you make a gauge square of 4x4 '' to discouragemine how numerous stitches and how numerous rows it takes with your yarn and your needles and your techniques to compare to a pattern 's gauge .  If you have n't a clue , it is perhaps a good idea to take a class , ask guidance at a knitting grouping or at a knitting speciality store . Basically , for a soft blanket from squared you need a pair # 8 or # 10 needles and a hank of yarn of a color you like . Unless you want your firstly efforts in order be additional frustrating either plan on variants in colour from hank to hank ( not too much unless you chose to ) or buy everything your yarn at once during one dye lot . 

Q: If the yarn is calling for 2 to 21/2 crochet hook (or 2.5 to 3 knitting needles), what type of yarn is it?
A: Different needle materials work better for specific types of yarn when it comes to knitting needles . Metal needles work bestest with yarns that 're not especially slippery -- wool , acryllic , and such ; plastic needles ( IMO they squeak in used ) will work on such types too , as well as cotton ; bamboo , birch , rosewood work best for slippery yarns -- alpaca , llama , silk , bamboo , and such . Laceweight yarns of any fiber takes advantage of using rosewood or birch needles , btw , so you is anticipated to be a lace knitter , these are good choose for that , together with the Addi circulars destined for lace knitting . None of these are cheap , btw .   Crochet hooks 're a little bit various since they have n't got the to really hold on to the yarns to maintaining them on the shaft , but the same principle applied . Yes , they feel very differently in the hands to metal hooks or plastic hooks ( again , I am not a fan of plastic hooks , in such cases , I find they flex too much in used ) , so such proceedings are truly what your personal , prefer and what your pocketbook can stand .   In general bamboo and wooden hooks and needles are far more expensive than aluminium or plastic ones . They look similar to the expenses of top of the line circulars like Inox and Addis .