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        Q: How do you load a bolt action rifle?
A: `` The Joe '' triumphs the prize for firstly out of the blocking with the rights answering .   Cycling the bolt was comprised of two actions :  1 - Opening the bolt ( which implies pulling it all the path to the rear ) , which extracts and ejects the 's spent brass or unfired round  2 - Closes the bolt ( pushing it all the way forwards ) , which chambers another round ( assuming there exists one in the magazine )  Most bolt actions require rotation of the bolt to initiate and closes , however , there be a few ( such as some Steyr 's ) that are strait pull and do not require rotation .   `` Cocking '' of the firing pin can happen during bolt open or close relying on the bolt designing .   A reasonbly good discussion 's at the link below . 

Q: Full thread Bolt and Half thread Bolt?
A: Ideally a part threaded ( or shoulder ) bolt ought to be used when fixing through an un-threaded hole .  A full threaded bolt is often called a cap screw . 

Q: Removing a stuck/seized bolt (now with pictures!)?
A: If you have attempts penetrating petroleum as a 'hot spanner ' ( welding torch ) was later you 're left with two alternatives - but first of all , did you solely apply the heating to the housing and NOT to the bolt ? If you heated the bolt was later you will make removal even more difficult !   Option 1 : Use a pneumatic air hammer , if you have , or can borrow one .   Option 2 : Drill it out . Ensure that you center punch precisely and later pilot-drill and go up in progressive sized increased . Laborious , but is also possible your only choice !