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        Q: Why are books banned?
A: It depending on who 's doing the prohibition , and in what venue .   A parent 's got a right , judiciary and moral , forbids their children 'sren from reading certain books , because a parent has to teach their children 's how to be a good adult , and that contained averting unhealthy impacts . ( Like pornography . Like graphic photos of gory assassinated for small children , who would solely get nightmares from them . Like psycho books that claim all people named `` Joe '' are wicked . And so on . )   The issuance with prohibition books generally originating from schools or governments -- either libraries refused to carry some books , or people insists that a library should not carry it , or gov'ts refused to enable some books to sold off or even introduced into the area , since they claim it has no artistic values and represents amoral .   The problem is that this means 1 person , or one little grouping , is deciding what everyone else ought to be able to readings . It means the government ( or library board , or packing of interested citizens ) are acts as `` parents '' and treating everyone else as `` children , who is required to protection . '' And even when it 's a schooling library -- the right to direct such childrens ' education lay with their parents , not with the schooling board , which is only there to *assist* the objectives of the fathers .   Another parent do n't think she has the right to determine what 's ok for my child to readings . Certainly , the government do n't think she has the right to determine what books I learn lessons from , and which ones 's just garbage to me .   However , some books are destined to cause devastation . The government 's got a right forbids the publication of people 's private bank accounting numbers so those people wo n't be adversely affected by the misuse of that info . It 's got a right forbids books pertaining to national safety -- however , this can advantage awfully closes to thoughtcrime , so their actions required to were extremely stringently constraining in this field .   Some would say that it is ok forbids books that promoting crime , particularly hate crimes ; I am not so convinced . To combating crime and hatred , it was necessary understanding how & amp ; why people do such things -- and prohibit communication just keeps us in darkness . The criminals and largeots continues its to do as they has consistently done ; prohibition books does n't stopping them . 

Q: How many book are in the world?
A: Everybody has a various tasting in books and there wo n't be twoinhabitants of the world who love and hate exactly the same books.Often , the quantities of copies of books sold 's what people decidemeans a book is astonishing . However , only because numerous people boughtthe books does n't means that they actually experienced it . Below 's what 'sWikis contributors consider the most suitableest books . Please do not eliminating any answers if you disagree , just add yourone to the listing . Feel free to talk about in the deliberations page . . the lord of the rings books 

Q: Best selling books of 2007?
A: Two of the most suitableest sell books in 1997 were : Harry Potter and theSorcerer 's Stone and Memoirs of a Geisha . Also , the books TuesdaysWith Morie and The Red Tent is likewise popular reads .