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        Q: Is vegetable fat vegetable oil?
A: Feed it more than it was necessary , make it watch TV all day , and do not let it get any exercisings . 

Q: How long to lose holiday weight gain?
A: Yes , this is a good , 're trying decrease fat intake and have 1200 cal from :  The low-fat , low-cholesterol programmes : FOODS PERMITTED   SOUPS : Emphasize bouillons and consommés , because they are low in calories and fats . They are ideal for relieving that hungry feeling swiftly . Soups stim ulate the digestive juices . Use fat-free vegetables soups , vegetables broths , and thereforeups drawn up with skimmed dairy . It is crucial aimed at eliminating all noticeable fat and grease from the soup   MEATS : Beef , veal , and lamb are evidently high in both noticeable and `` unseen '' fat . However , because their protein contents is more desirable these people are basic ingredients in the low-fat diet . Much of the dietary fat allowance be included in meat , which has its largeest amount of calories mainly in fat . The noticeable fat is required to attentively cut away and trimmed whilst raw , before cooking . During the cook , baking , or broiling of the meat , the fat ought to be drained off by maintaining the meat or roast on racks . Do not fry meats . Pan-cook or brown without fat or grease .   Remember that among meats pork , bacon , and ham are higher in fat and cholesterol contents . They should not be eaten on the low-fat diet other than sometimes . The same are generally genuine of sausages , and organ foods like brains , sweetbreads , and kidneys . Liver is an exception is , however .   If gravy is desired , it was necessary ready free of its normal extremely high fat contents . Instead of gravies , meats is feasible to flavored by the next one garnishes : watercress , parsley , cel ery , carrots , radishes , pimento , pickles , paprika , green peppers , cucumbers , mushroom , and onions . Also useful are spiced peaches , pears , prunes , apricots , cinnamon apples , spiced watermelon rind , applesauce , cinnamon pears , pineapple slices , broiled bananas , seasoned tomatoes , herbs , and the various relishes such as mint jellies and sauces , chilli , catsup , cranberry jellies , chutney , as well as numerous others . Also appealing be a few of the next one condiments : garlic cloves , thyme , marjoram , basil , oregano , bay , and peppermint .   FISH : fish are commonly magnificent low-fat food sourcing . Some fish were especially low in fat , such as perch , haddock , flounder , sturgeon , smelts , and scallops . Others like brook trout , porgy , cod , and croakers is greater in fat contents , but rather are still rather low compared with meats . Shell-fish are low in fat . Lobster , shrimps , and crabs are ideal exemplars . Clams are next ; oysters 're a little bit higher but rather are still low compared with beef . For the con noisseurs , frogs-legs 's also low in fat contents . Many canned fishes when not packed in petroleum is extremely low in fat .   POULTRY : Chicken and turkey are magnificent sourcing of animal proteins for low-fat contents , provided lean poultry utilized , . The dark meat of poultry is greater in fat content than white meat . Skin ought to be discarded . Giblets is extremely high . Guinea hen and squab 's also relatively small in fat contents . However , duck and goose are extremely high in fat and should not be incorporated unless the fat is drained off and eliminatesd . As an issue of fact , the fat from chicken and turkey , although still less quantitatively than that in meat , 's the best drained off and eliminatesd in the same manner as in the prepara tion and cook of all meats .   EGGS : Egg whites , which are proteins , is also possible eaten and the united statesed for cooking as much as desired . The yellow portion of the egg , or the yolk , contains one of the most concentrate forms or fat available—namely cholesterol—and thus ought to be averted .   MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS : One pint or more day-to-day of non-fat or skim dairy ought to be taken . Use fortified dairy with add sums of vitamin A and D. Buttermilk 's also a refreshing source of dairy with low-fat contents . As an add source of low-fat protein , skim or fat-free dairy is feasible to fortified by addendum to each glass of dairy one or more tablespoonfuls of dehydrated , skim dairy . This `` fortified '' dairy also has a thick creamy tasting and is feasible to flavored to suit the individual tasting with various flavoring agents . Yogurt made from non-fat dairy is also possible utilized for nutrient variety .   CHEESES : were not able to utilise however , there are several exemptions . First is cottage cheese made from dried curd and non-fat dairy . One of the most common pitfalls is the pointr 's has failed to notification that is often she 's using or buying creamed cottage cheese , which naturally consists of fat . This creamed cottage cheese is feasible to rectified by washing it out with cold water through a strainer . Various brands of cottage cheese that tasting like creamed cottage cheese available , such as `` Slim Cheez '' or Ricotta Cheese made from dairy whey . There 's also other foreign cheeses low in fat contents , which are processed from non-fat dairy or whey , such as the Geska kind of Sapsago cheese certain Scandinavian cheeses , and in the United States brands of jack cheese made from skim dairy or whey..   VEGETABLES AND FRUITS : Vegetables are virtually fat free and which contains no cholesterol . To prepare veggies without butter or fat a small originality is necessary 

Q: What food contains fat?
A: Any sort of petroleum is 100 percent fat . Nuts 's also largely fat . Flax is absolutely high in fat too .