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  • Mr. Nikesh Rathod Industry: Home & Garden

    Gold Supplier increased our trade by more than US$ 3,000,000!

    When I was a Free Member on Alibaba, I found 2 serious buyers and made deals that can be estimated to be ...[ Details ]

  • Mr. Varun Agarwal Industry: Home & Garden

    "Alibaba is a powerful business tool."

    Today, Alibaba.com is one of the most powerful Internet business tools available. Exotic India is a man...[ Details ]

  • Mr. Suman Bharti Industry: Apparel

    "Today, I have a large global presence, and I owe this global exposure to Alibaba.com alone!"

    Previously, I would go door-to-door to promote my products, but thanks to Alibaba.com, customers now come...[ Details ]

  • Mr. Ignatius Susai Irudai Industry: Packaging & Printing

    "Alibaba.com helped me seamlessly step into the global market as an Indian supplier. We get 30% of our income from Alibaba.com."

    Being a Gold Supplier member increases my credibility and I have been able to build not only my business,...[ Details ]

  • Mr. Harshel Bhhaagat Industry: Tools

    Every business grows on basis of their strengths. Our strength is 'Alibaba.com' - our unmatched business partner.

    Alibaba.com gives us useful information like trends on the market and products. It has helped us develop ...[ Details ]

  • Mr. Mustujab Ahmed Industry: Home & Garden

    Alibaba.com not only saves my time, but also my money! I see a lot of benefits coming from Alibaba.com' s Gold Supplier membership

    Alibaba.com not only saves my time, but also my money! I see a lot of benefits coming from Alibaba.com' s...[ Details ]

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Success Stories

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