i want to start brand electric car chain sale doesn 't know what cards have strength

Question time:2007-10-25 14:48:03

i thought to myself to open electric car sales shop, but now is full of seller, don 't know which joined the club have the strength, please give you a pay attention to, i am shandong qingdao jimo city, investment in less than 50 thousand

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many brand of electric vehicles, arthur, emma, new day, luyuan,... but 50 thousand is the not enough. 0.15 million also can, now more brand, sell what you can visit you there style of electric have more cars, and then learn about the variety of electric cars, a market a brand of electric cars can only do so much a, and then find a good service attitude, good reputation, have the strength, adequate supply of brand for cooperation, and wish you every success!


Answer time:2010-02-11 10:58:33
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