want to buy a bicycle and a type of electric cars, to recommend some good brand?

Question time:2009-05-31 17:24:54

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x bangzhongbang brand electric car/electric car brands list (2009)

1, luyuan (electric car led brand, china famous trademark, china 's top ten brands of electric vehicles)

2, a new day (leading brands, x electric motorcycle car brand, backbone enterprises of electric vehicle industry)

3, giant (famous chinese trademark, china famous brand, top ten brands of electric cars)

4, arthur (x electric car brand, large electric car companies, famous brand in jiangsu province, jiangsu famous trademark)

5, amini (x electric car brand, china bicycle group produced, large enterprises)

6, honduras (national mianjian products, x electric car brand, large backbone enterprises)

7, yamaha (1955, japan world brand, china famous trademark, x electric car brand)

8, emma (large japan wholly electric car business, beauty lina (tianjin) bicycle limited company)

9, bird (famous trademark, tianjin tianjin taifeng birds electric car company limited)

10, james bond. foster (china famous brand, top ten brands of electric cars, tianjin foster 's group)


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