electric car retail skills

Question time:2009-10-01 21:47:53

i 'm in a mountain town do electric car, retail and has kept do have more than two years, have been sold on the don 't come, now there are only four are in selling, my sales ranked third, how can increase sales expert consult, thank you to finish this year 's sales volume has not been raised on only the bank has

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mountain county i don 't feel what i ever been to most of the mountain county are motorcycle little less electric vehicles

if you want to be at the insistence of the try

want to watch suitable for electric vehicles is not suitable for your side of the market, such as electric cars disadvantage is the electricity use finished it can 't walk. uphill easy power, or not going on the slope. and then there 's a promotion, general county is still at a relatively low level of income, so most of the people in order to the price for the move. put the sales went up, and then to put the price.



Answer time:2009-10-03 12:32:28
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