i would like to buy electric car in chaozhou, find out what kind of good manufacturer

Question time:2009-01-03 15:52:44

i would like to buy electric car in chaozhou, chaozhou now there are miles away, boats columbia, wait a minute, i should choose what brand to sell? initial input of funds about how much you want? 40 square store count. please person or insiders tips at the factory. thank you very much! questions added: if the answer is satisfactory i will also be additional points.

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electric car brand now have gained currency, said selling points are comparable, have no personality. if you own a shop is to the long-term development of the words, then you have to give consumers into account, buy costs and cost. let consumers feel buy your car is worth, then you can make it work better. now motorcycle events often heard in leisure activities has been stolen. for this reason if you can get a real products to consumers are not afraid to steal, then you earn on the way home. now wang " don 't have locks are not afraid to steal " electric cars will be able to meet the needs of the consumers. let you drive worry, rest assured don 't drive. you can also offers market in electric vehicles professional magazine websites such as electric cars, win business and others have coverage. the way to refresh my memory, choose factory is to look on the ground as far as possible, take a look at the products and the strength of the company.


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