hybrid electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle is the same concept?

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hybrid electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle is the same concept? now to write a thesis topic is the status quo of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles i don 't know is individually write electric cars, the status quo of hybrid cars or write together

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hybrid electric vehicle hybrid cars is in pure electric car install a set of internal combustion engine, the aim is to reduce automobile pollution, increase of pure electric car mileage. series and parallel hybrid cars have two kinds of structural forms. hybrid motor vehicles (also known as hybrid cars) refers to a car fitted with more than two power sources, including a motor drive, and is in keeping with the car on road traffic, safety codes car, car has a variety of power sources: batteries, fuel cells, solar batteries, generators diesel locomotives, current composite battery powered cars generally refers to the internal combustion engine generator, coupled with the battery of the car. hybrid cars has the advantage of: 1, by using the compound after power by average power required for set within the maximum power of the engine, then in optimal condition of low fuel consumption, low pollution work. need high power internal combustion engine power is insufficient, consists of a battery to supplement; load came, and surplus of power can generate electricity to charge the battery, sustainable work due to the internal combustion engine, battery also can continuously rechargeable, so the itinerary and ordinary car. 2, because of the battery, you can very easily when a vehicle recovery, downhill, idle speed when the energy. 3, in the bustling downtown, you can shut down the internal combustion engine, battery single drive, to achieve " zero " emissions. 4, have the internal combustion engine can be very convenient solution to the high energy consumption of air conditioning, heating, in addition to the difficulties encountered by frost and other pure electric cars. 5, can use existing petrol filling station, no longer have to invest. 6, may allow the battery to keep it in good working condition, there will be no overcharge, over discharge, to extend its service life, reduce costs. there are two basic types of hybrid electric vehicles working methods, namely the cascade, parallel and serial parallel (or mixed together) type. composite power driven the drawbacks are: there were two sets of power, plus two sets of power management control system, complex structure, technology more difficult, the higher prices. as a result of " a new generation of automotive partners " (Ngv) scheme of the big three car companies for a variety of cell technology and its screening hundreds of kinds of programs of different organizations, comparison, that by using the compound power is hundreds of kilometres in the midsize sedan feasible options of 3 litres of fuel consumption is subject to greater attention. after years of research, hybrid electric vehicles have been developed by a number of examples of success. japan 's toyota motor company announced in December 1997 a hybrid electric Cars p rius inputs to small quantities of commercial production, the vehicle weight 1515 kg, four cylinder fitted with overhead camshaft, 1500cc displacement gasoline engine, maximum power weighing 6kW/4600r/min, with permanent magnet brushless generator, drive motor also for permanent magnet brushless rated power of 30kW, the use of nickel hydrogen battery, series and parallel control mode, a hundred km fuel consumption for 3.4l, than the original gasoline car has been reduced by half, c O emissions had been reduced accordingly Half of the c, o, HC, and nox is only allowed 10% per cent of the value of current legislation, price for each one 2.16 million yen (about 15000 dollars). the united states displayed in detroit in February 1998 the second generation of chrysler dodge INTREPID E SX2 type hybrid electric cars, the car loaded with 1500cc displacement of direct injection diesel engine with generator, used lead acid batteries, ac induction motor drive, aluminum frame, the composite body, weight 1022 kg, hundreds of kilometres in the lower fuel consumption FROM 3.4L. 2000 gm, ford, daimler · chrysler have been developed by 100 kilometers fuel consumption has reached 3 litres of gasoline or close to 3 litres car prototype, but expensive.
TELL me about hev
hev (Hybrid-Electricvehicel)-hybrid devices. hybrid means car gasoline drive and electric drive two kinds of driving mode, advantage of launch vehicles stop when, only generators driven, not up to a certain speed, the engine doesn 't work, therefore, can make a difference in the engine has been maintained in the best possible working conditions and state of mind, power of good, very low emissions, and of electrical energy source is the engine, just a gas can.
hybrid cars are critical to the hybrid system, its performance has a direct bearing on the hybrid auto vehicle performance. after ten years of development, the assembly has launched from hybrid system
machine discrete structure to an engine motor and gearbox with motor integration structure development, namely the integration hybrid powertrain system. hybrid powertrain power transmission line classification, distribution can be divided into the cascade,
three kinds of parallel and study on the type and so on.
cascade power: tandem powered by motors, generators and motors powertrain composed of three parts, between them using series integral manner SHEV power module system, engine driven generator
electric generator, power conveyor through controller to battery or electric motor, by the motor through the transmission mechanism drive car. small load when battery driven motor to drive wheels, and large load by engine with
moving generator driven by electric motor. when the vehicle when operating conditions at the start, acceleration, climbing, engine, electric generating units and batteries common to the motor to provide electricity; when the electric car in low speed,
slide, idle when working condition, by battery driven by electric motor, when the lack of battery when electricity is by engine-generator to the battery charger. tandem structure suitable for frequent starting and low speed within the city
running condition, can be will tune in best condition stable functioning of the near point, by adjusting the battery and electric the output of the machine to achieve the purpose of the adjustment speed. make the engine avoids idle speed and low speed
mode of operation, thereby improving the efficiency of the engine, a reduction of emissions. but after its disadvantage is the energy conversion, lower mechanical efficiency.
parallel power: parallel installation of engine and motor driven motor, engine and motor belong to two systems, can independently to the faculty at automotive transmission torque respectively, without
with both on the pavement can be driven also can separate drive. when the car accelerated when climbing, electric motors and engines can also provide impetus to the drive mechanism, once car 's speed reached cruising speed
, car will rely solely on the engine to maintain the pace. motor can be made motor generator use also can be made, also known as motor-generator group. in the absence of separate generator, engine
can be directly through the transmission mechanism driven wheel, this device is closer to the traditional car driving system, mechanical efficiency losses associated with ordinary cars almost, receive more extensive application.
study on the type of power: study on the gear contains characteristics of series and parallel. power systems including engines, generators and electric motor, according to power device is different, it is further divided into engine for
the main and two kinds of electrical machine. in engine dominated at all levels and in all forms, as active source of engine, motor for auxiliary power source; in order to at all levels and in all forms of electrical machine, engine as an auxiliary power source, motor
for active power source. this structure has the advantage of easy to control, the disadvantage is that the structure is more complex. toyota prius belong in a form of electrical machine.
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the current widespread use of fuel engine cars there are all sorts of ills, statistics show that in more than 80% per cent of road conditions next, a ordinary cars using only a power potential of 40%, in urban areas also
will drop to 25%, what is even more serious is that emissions from polluting the environment. since 1990s, countries around the world are growing louder and louder to improve environmental protection, a wide range of electric cars stand out. although
however it is generally accepted that the future is electric cars in the world, but were hindered by the electric current battery technologies car application. as a result of poor battery energy density compared with gasoline at times, is still far from being reached
as much of the numerical requirements, experts estimate the level at 10 years within the electric vehicles are not yet in a position to replace fuel engine motor vehicles (except fuel cell technology has made major breakthroughs).
forced engineers came up with a better way of not only empowering, and developed a hybrid power devices (Hybrid-electricvehicel, ABBREVIATION of hev) of the car. the so-called hybrid equipment
purchase is the motor and auxiliary power unit combination in one vehicle drivers, auxiliary power module is actually a small fuel engine or power generators. image point, is
will the traditional engine as far as possible do small, so the part of power by battery-motor system to assume. this hybrid devices play both the continuous work long hours for the engine, power and good advantages, but also can
play the advantages of no pollution, low noise motor, fighting on the side of both " ", by complementing each other, the car the thermal efficiency can be increased by 10% or more, emissions can be improved more than 30%.
hybrid power electric vehicles in accordance with energy in the form of a synthesis of the main divided into tandem (SHEV) and parallel (PHEV) two kinds.
tandem powered by motors, generators and motors powertrain composed of three parts, used between them tandem shev composed in the manner of the power unit of the system. load hours battery electric
machine driven by the rotation of the wheels, when the load by engine driven generators driven by electric motor. when electric cars service such as when the condition of the start, acceleration, climbing, engine-electric generating units and battery co
provide electricity to the electric motors; when the electric vehicles at low speed, gliding, idle when working condition, by battery driven motor, engine-generator to the battery charger. this series of electric cars do not
tube in what condition, are ultimately rests with the electric motor to drive the wheels. SHEV 2010 " ford " new energy level-for example, its adoption of the fuel cell battery, traveling in urban areas when in full by fuel cell
driven by electric motor, motor through reducer (gearbox) and drive axle drive wheels, and reach a " zero discharge " requirement. when high speed and climbing when, by the crew and fuel cell engines-electric group
common power supply to the motor, drive wheel.
parallel installation of engine and motor can be superimposed by mechanical way drive vehicle, engine and motor machine belong to two systems, can respectively independently to the faculty at automotive transmission torque,
can be driven on different road condition also can separate drive. motor can be made motor generator use also can be made, also known as motor-generator group. in the absence of separate generator
, engine can be directly through the transmission mechanism driven wheels, and therefore the device closer to the traditional car driving system, receive more extensive application. such as volkswagen golf phev,
engine clutch 1 driven by motor-generator, the output torque and then through the other side clutch 2 drivers of vehicles. at the commencement of the static, battery electrically-generators, electric-at this time
the generator is of engine starter motors. to start the engine, engine on the one hand as a separate power source to drive the wheels of vehicles, on the other hand it also driven by the motor-generator to the battery charging,
as with traditional cars at this time. when driving in the city, engine shuts off, 1 disengage the clutch, clutch 2 seam, battery to do as the sole energy to the electric power supply, replace the engine drive by motor
roll the wheel. when the motor vehicle when the need for high speed or high load, to start the engine clutch 1 closed, with electric engine-generator system composed of composite drive forms, with a view to maximum power driven vehicles.
hybrid cars in developed countries have been increasingly mature, some already enter an operational phase. due to the complex structure, the high cost of, prior to the arrival of the era of electric cars, hybrid cars
it 's just a transition products.

besides electric cars
electric car electric car (Electric vehicle)
electric car is a term used to describe a car power for power, electric motor drive wheel driving, conform to road traffic, the requirements of the safety regulations for vehicles. general use high efficiency rechargeable batteries, or fuel cell for power source. electric cars should no longer be used in the internal combustion engine, therefore, electric car motor equivalent to traditional cars engine, battery is equivalent to the original fuel tank, because electricity is the second energy, we can source wind energy, hydropower, thermal energy, such as solar power in a variety of ways. the advantages of electric cars is: it does not in itself harmful gas emissions that pollute the atmosphere, even by the electricity volume is expressed as a power plant emissions, with the exception of sulphur and particulate outside, other pollutants has been reduced considerably, mostly due to the power plant was built away from the densely populated cities, less harm to humanity, but also electricity factory is immobile, and concentration of emissions, are relatively easy to remove a wide variety of harmful emissions, but also there had been a related technology. as a result of power can be obtained from a variety of primary energy, such as coal, nuclear power, hydropower, lift people petroleum resources become increasingly depleted of worry. electric cars can also take full advantage of the evening low electricity surplus electricity when charging, both day and night of generation equipment can make full use of, greatly improve its economic efficiency. some research has indicated that, the same crude oil after smelting, sent to electric power plants for their electricity generation, as to charge batteries, which will then be submitted to battery car, its energy use efficiency ratio after refined into gasoline, and then by gasoline machine drive motor high, thus contributing to conserve energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it is precisely these advantages, so that the research and application of electric cars to become one of the automobile industry " hot spots ".
difficulties of electric vehicle batteries per unit weight is currently stored energy too less, also because of the electric car battery of the more expensive, haven 't evolved an economy of scale, so the purchase price of the more expensive, with regard to the use of cost, some results from the pilot tests than the expensive, some results only for the car 's 1/3, this is mainly determined by the in the life of a battery and oil, electricity prices on the ground.
is a battery electric vehicle development of primary key, car power battery hard in the " low cost ", " high capacity requirements " and " high security requirements such as " three requirements. want to be part of the wider scope of the application within the electric car, it is necessary to rely on advanced battery after more than 10 years screening, now hold a generally favourable view of nickel hydrogen batteries, iron batteries, lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries. nickel hydrogen battery stored energy per unit weight than lead acid battery double, other properties are better than lead lead acid batteries. but is four to five times of the current prices for lead acid batteries, considerable efforts were under way to research so that it goes down. iron battery using is rich in resources, low price of iron materials, costs would be substantially reduced, manufacturers have also used. lithium is the most light, chemical properties and very lively metal, discharge per unit weight of lithium ion batteries for lead 3 times that of lead acid batteries, lithium polymer batteries for 4 times, and lithium resources more abundant, price also not very expensive, battery is very promising. in my country the industrialization development of nimh battery and lithium ion battery has made rapid development in all respects. electric cars and other related technology, has a great progress in recent years, such as: ac induction motor and control, rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor and its control, battery and vehicle energy management system, intelligent and fast charging technology, low resistance tyres, light weight and low wind resistance body, braking energy recovery and so on, these advances in technology to make electric cars that have refined and towards the practical. our atmospheric pollution in large cities can no longer be ignored, car emissions is one of the major sources of pollution, china 10 municipalities have been included in the 20 municipalities most severely affected by the global atmospheric pollution in. my cars per capita today is an average of 10 cars per 1000 people, but the oil resources are insufficient, annually tens of millions of tons of oil imports, with the development of the economy, if china 's per capita automobile holdings reached now global level---110 cars for every 1000 people, china 's automobile holdings will become 10 times with increased, oil imports would become a major problem. it is therefore in our research and development of electric cars is not a temporary short term measures, but significant, long-term strategic considerations.
electric cars by the chassis, body, battery, motor battery, controller and auxiliary facilities battery six components. as a result of motor has good traction characteristics, therefore battery cars don 't need clutch drive system and transmission. speed control by the controller through the governor system to change the speed of the motor can be realized.

i would now like to make in the development of air electric cars, air compressor and solar installation in car production, achieve green energy combined with modern technology.


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