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        Q: What size solar panel needed to recharge a 12 volt deep cycle battery? PLEASE HELP?
A: It is working well to charge any voltage `` below '' the voltage of the photographgraph cell . It 's the best to either build of buy a charging comptroller for the voltage you wish to charge - that will keep you from overcharging your 9V batteries . ( The other replying be right - two 9V batteries in parallel = 9V ) That is how I would set them up , in parallel . If you put them in series they will be 18V and IF the solar cell puts out 20V ( which most do - even those marked `` 12V '' unless they have internal regulation which most do n't ! ) you could still use the solar cell to charge them - just building a comptroller for 18V rather than nine .   You can just put a 9V - 10V voltage regulator in the circuit to guarantee you do n't overvoltage them if you charge in parallel but build a charging comptroller is really a better solution as it will not overcharge them ! 

Q: How many of my electronics can a basic solar panel power?
A: I 'll guess that you need 500 watt of power for the TV .   6 hours is 500 x six = 3000 watt hours of energy .   A huge marine lead acid battery ( about $ 300 each ) will store about one000 watt-hours of energy ( rated at 100 amp hours ) , so you will be required 3 of these . And you will be required a 500 watts inverter .   groups come in all sized from a portion of a watts to a thousands watt . So I do n't know where he is how numerous , just the total wattage .   Count on 30 percent loss at the very least , 10 percent each from the inverter , loss in the battery , then the charging comptroller . You can add that in at the end .   So you need solar cells of adequate ability to deliver 3000 watts hours . Now you required to know how swiftly you wish to charge the batteries . If you wish to charge them in three hours was later you need :  3000 watts hours / three hours = 1000 watt of skills in the solar panels .   But relying on wherever you live , you are able get solely half the rated power from an array , so to be safe , you need maybe 2000 watt of capacity , or remain with 1000 watts but be conscious it may take much more than three hours to charge the battery .   You need a charging comptroller overseeing the charging into the batteries .    hope this assistances . If not contact me .   . 

Q: What is a kilo watt hour?
A: For starters , a Kilowatt ( kW ) is exactly 1,000 watt , just like a mw ( mW ) is 1 billions watt . A `` watts '' ( W ) is a measure of POWER . To be precise it was using one joule / second . However , since nobody has uttered the word `` joule '' since that physics class they took fifteen years ago , we use watts rather than Joules / second , since they 're printed on lighting bulbs and people 've got an idea of what they mean . To put it in viewpoint , a automobile engine cruising usages around 25,000 watts , which is about three0 horsepower.. But that 's a car… Mechanical energy . We wish to was speaking electricity because we 're is interested in solar energy . With electricity , POWER is voltage time amperage . Or 1watt = 1volt * 1ampere.. A good way to believe about electricity 's that this is a lot like water . Voltage is the pushing , or the pressure , and amperage is the flow . A dammed up lake , though it 've got a lot of pressure ( voltage ) , does n't flow everywhere ( 0 amperage ) so there were no power ( a lot of volts * 0 amps = 0 watt ) . On the other hand take a super soaker water gun . Super quick stream ( a lot of amps ) but a small small compressed reservoir ( not lots of volts ) . I would n't go so far as 's calling that `` potent . '' Finally , look at a hurrying river . Lots of volts , a lot of amps , huge power . . Oh yah , Watts . Ok , so a Watt is energy incinerated / second . If you flick on a 100 Watt lighting bulb it 's eating up 100 Joules of energy every twond ( curiously , a standards candle is exactly 1 Watt ) . So now what 's a watt-hour ( wH )