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        Q: How do you change the wiper motor in a 2000 Saturn SL2?
A: Not too bad of job , is asking for around 2.0 hours labour shall be substituted for ! And yes you keep your present washer pumping since it is situate in the 'sher reservoir and does n't required to are changed if itjust works ! ADDED : are you convinced it was necessary the wiper motor ? Because there exists a common problem in the SL 's of this vintage with the wiper motor controlling module , do the wipers work at all or do they are working on one speeding ? 

Q: How do you change a 1982 dodge d150 wiper motor?
A: Remove the windscreen wiper armetres away from the windscreen wiper motor.Remove the wiring harness . Remove the retain nut . Reverse theprocess to be installed the new windscreen wiper motor . 

Q: The rear windshield wiper and running board lights are not working what could cause this?
A: I ha this and other troubles with the rear wiper - fitted 2nd hand motor - no pleasure . try removing wiper motor from screen ( remove wiper arm and internal covering - disconnecting wiring from motor - remove motor from screen ) place on a flat surconfronted with wiper shaft pointing downwards and eliminates the bolts and top covering . You will see nearing the circular brass tracking and 2 small rollers under the top covering . Using a cotton bud gently remove the grease from the tracking and the rollers . Then spray liberally with WD40 . It it seemed that the building up of grease on the tracking / rollers impedes the motor sensing the end of stroke therefore arousing the wiper to carry on running . It co-operated for me ! !