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        Q: What is the difference between AWD and 4 wheel drive?
A: All wheel driving is usually active all the time and were not able be turns off . 4 wheel driving will have a transferring case that are able be switched between 2 wheel driving and 4 wheel driving . 4 wheel driving will also 've got the enabled to use what is called low range . A lower gear set that gives more power . However in low range you generally were not able go much more quickly than about three0 MPH .   You generally find AWD in passenger automobiles and little lighting responsibility SUV 's . 4 wheel driving is usually found on pick-up trucks and larger SUV 's that are lorry based .   Some modern-day 4 wheel driving will also have an automated selection . In automated you 're primarily in 2 wheel driving . But when wheel spin been found by a wheel speeding sensor , 4 wheel driving will automatically engage . The system will automatically switch back to 2 wheel drive after no wheel spin been found in a short whilst . Since this system will also still have a selectable 2 wheel driving , 4 wheel driving with high and low range , this situation is still considered 4 wheel driving . 

Q: What is better a rear wheel or front wheel self propelled mower?
A: MOST self propelled mowers have a locking that when the mower is driving the wheel the locking engages with the wheel and drives it forwards . When you halt driving the wheels ( let go of the driving bar ) the locking should disengage , enabling the wheel to `` Free Wheel '' means ising spin independently . AND if you are go forwards at the speeding the engine wished to move it at and you push it harsher it was appropriate free to advance further quicker .   The locking is intentioned to drive the wheel forwards . If the wheel spins quicker than the locking subsequently it free-wheels . If the wheel slowing down subsequently the locking re-engages and once again drives the wheel . NOW - when you release the driving bar the wheel axle is no longer driving the wheel forwards . You can still push it forwards . Doing so will ( or should ) release the locking and allowing the wheel turning now in either direction .   I have a rear wheel self propelled mower . If I let go of the driving bar and stop subsequently the wheels continues to be locked because I have n't pushed the mower forward another few inches . If I halt at the fence line and do n't push the mower forward subsequently my wheels do not unblock . I have to push the mower forward the other inch or 2 to unblock them subsequently I can pull back on the mower and the wheels 's free spinning .   If your mower 're not unlock subsequently it 's feasible the locking is also possible sticking . OR it just maybe it is that you have to advance further the mower forwards just a small before you pull back on it . I 'd begin there by actually attempting to drive forwards was later release the driving bar was later push the mower forward a small bit subsequently pull back . See if the wheels unlock . If not subsequently I 'd start looking at it mechanically . I doubt they make them so that they solely turn when being driven .   Hope this assistances .   ˚J˚  ˘ 

Q: What was the first American front wheel drive car?
A: You mean , what automobiles don ` t come with front wheel driving . Most to-day are FWD . Share to :