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        Q: Metal detector help ? ? ?
A: Whites and Bounty hunter are good ... .. I 've ha a White 's since the 8y 's it is extremely hot at select up anything up to a foot under ground ... . Bounty Hunter be extremely good also ... . verify out the connections ... ..   Whites ... ... http : //hobby.us.whiteselectronics.com/ ? g ...   Bounty Hunter ... ...  http : //www.detecting.com/ 

Q: A good metal detector for a $100.00?
A: The brands people who are grave about the hobby 10d be purchased are are Garrett , Whites , Fisher , Tesoro and Minelab . Other than Minelab , all these sensors are made in the USA .   Minelab presumably 've got nothing in in your goalsing pricing range .   The Garret Ace models offer lots of bang for the buck .   There be a few Tesoros in your pricing range . They will 've got the least frills , but they 're well made , and have a lifetime guaranteeing . People who own them seems to love them .   Whites is a brand folks tends to love or hate . I have no experience gained in them , but a friend who 's crucial claims they add modern-day displayed to old detection techniques and get top dollar for it .   I encourage you to incorporate a `` pinpointer '' in your plans . That 's got a little detector with restricted range you are able stick in the hole to make retrieving the goaling easier/faster . It makes a enormous variance . The Garret Pro Pointer been routinely discounted to $ 128 and while it is a big chunk of your budgeting , I 'd go for it even though it meant to purchase a less expensive principal detector .   If I was in your budgeting range , I 'd go for the Garrettt Ace 250 , and the pro pointer , but that would put me closer to $ 350 . If I ha to remain under $ 300 I '' d presumably swap in the Tesoro Compadre for the Ace 250 ,   On line traders frequently advertise packagings that include a lot of low quality accessories that they claim add sizeable values to the dealing . This is because detector corporations generally have a minimum advertised pricing , however , if you call or email them , and explain you do n't wanna the 'free stuff '' they 'll frequently cut you a better dealing . 

Q: What is the best metal detector under $500?
A: Whites Classic 5ID Metal Detector for treasury Hunting .   Garrett Hand Held Metal Detectors for Security