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        Q: Car not starting is it the battery?
A: If you ha an low-cost volt meter your issue would be moot . # 1 . How much voltage does your `` new '' battery have ? Hook the volt metres per the battery , then 're trying begin the automobile . If the volt metres fell to zero your battery was no as new or as it was appropriate . Have you verification the individual battery cells with a hygrometer to see if one of the cells has a deceased short .   Have you verification all four terminates of the battery cables to make persuade they 're clean dried and tight . Have you verification the plastic coating on the outside of each battery cable to make persuade there are no lumps or bumps . Irregular surfacing on the exterior of the cables was an indication of electrical resistance . 

Q: Is it my motorcycle battery?
A: EDIT ... Thumbs down or up , does n't change anything to me ... .All I can do is give the direction of a 20yr Master Tech . My rep here and my statistics speak for themselves as well as quite a number the advice of other users .  I have an 04 Dyna who are continuing has the initial factory battery , on a Battery Tender wherever not riding ... ..anyone out there got an 6y/o aftermarket battery that continues to be in used ? ? ?   I looked at the connection to the battery place , if you take notified to the battery terminals , you will see these people are precisely as I describes , hollow , these is extremely weak spheres on a battery , the HD terminals are MUCH more heavy responsibility , in addition , the battery will be required to be fulfilled and charged earlier installing . Yes , it states these people are sealed , maintenance free , these people are seais headed by the installer after flling and charging , and as I said earlier , they needed specific charges process . Invest the additional $ 25 for an HD battery , once you SEE an HD battery , compared with the Yuasa , you are all aware exactly what I am speaking about .  If you are required go with anything but HD , 're trying locate a DEKA battery , these people are as closes to HD as anybody makes .   EDIT : ... .Nomadd..another idiot that doses n't talking about anything here on how battery technology has changed .  I siad the TESTING EQUIPMENT for the battery is about $ 1500 ... .not the bike 's charging system.Look into MIDTRONICS ... it 's the company that makes the testin eqipment , the HD factory will NOT warranty a batter without a Midtronics diagnostics and PRINTOUT ... .how much do you think a Battery/Charging System Diagnostic Tool with a Wireless Printer might costs ... you guessed it , about $ 1500   Here is my responseing to a analogous question ... .   BUY A NEW HD BATTERY ! ! ! ... ..STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING ELSE ... ..read on on the reasons why to stick with HD ONLY ... ...   This is a responseing to an issue regarding batteries ...  First , ... .how old is the battery ? ? ?  If it is deceased , and more than two years old , you will be best off to purchase a new battery . Stick with HD ! ! ! ... .these people are a LITTLE more pricey than an after market battery , but MUCH MUCH highest in quality . HD usages AGM styling batteries ( Absorbed Glass Mat ) , they come pre-charged , and if PROPERLY retained , they will last 4-six years . Old styling , lead acid batteries will solely last about ONE year . Fuel injected models NEED AGM styles batteries , the injection systems will not function appropriately on lead/acid batteries .   AGM batteries REQUIRE ... ..SPECIAL charging process ... DO NOT use a standards auotmotive charger ... and DO NOT use ANY type of Load Tester , you WILL destroy it . The tester used on AGM batteries is about $ 1500 ... .HD is the ONLY place that has the appropriate eqipment for testing and charging DEAD AGM batteries ... ... ... .take it to HD and allow them testing and charge it ... ... or only buy a new one .   INVEST IN A BATTERY TENDER ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ... ... ... you are able get one from HD with the battery for around $ 60 . It is a STORAGE charger that is endowed with a bit `` pigtail '' that bolts to the battery , then a samll charging unit that plugs into the weverything , the Pigtail will plug into the charger unit . Whenever you 're not riding the bike , KEEP THE TENDER PLUGGED INTO THE BIKE ... ... it will ALWAYS keep the battery completely charged ... ... .this situation is a must for cold weather storage ! ! !   Get a new HD battery , then a Battery Tender , follow my ( and the trader 's ) instructions and your bicycle will always to be finalizedly charged and you will not need another battery till at the very least 2014 .   EDIT : ... as far as the answering is worrieded from Armored Dildo ... ..I have received training in appropriate test and charges process for AGM batteries ... .by the sound of his replying , he ai n't ... ..AGM battieries CAN NOT be charged witha CONSTANT amp rate charger ... ... this will cabe utilized internal `` gassing '' which will pressurize the battery , then cause the internal vent to release it to the atmosphere ... ... ... these batteries are SEALED to maintaining the gases IN , the vent is destined to maintaining a POSITIVE pressure inside the battery of 1-2psi . Load testing AGM batteries is on the basisir Cold Cranking Amps ... ... NOT on the basis amp/hour rating like lead/acid battieries ... ... ... ... ... I 'll bet the Amored Dildo did not know that ! ! ! !  On top of everything that ... .I recommend HD batteries BECAUSE these people are destined more Heavy Duty than standards aftermarket batteries ... ..compare HD 's casing and cable terminals to ANY aftermarket battery , then you will see the variance in quality . HD 's battery instances are twice as thick as anyone else , resisting misuse and vibration MUCH better , and there terminals are SOLID , MOLDED , and SEALED , solely requires a bolt ... ..aftermarket batteries use thin , opening , hollow terminals that requires an squares nut to slip into the hollow terminal and when the bolt was difficultened , it twists , deforms and crack the terminals .  It 's evident the Amrmored Dildo 've never see an HD AGM battery , then comparison it to one of his recommend batteries . 

A: What I has managed to find is the scooter runs on two 12V 36AH batteries , so no , a 6V battery will not work . Depends how the two batteries are hooked together , you 'll either need a 12V or a 24V .