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        Q: Mixing acrylic and oil paint?
A: If your asking if you are able physically 'mix ' petroleum paintings and acrylic paintings together , in order to create a new color or texture , the answering is NO ! Oil paintings are petroleum based , and acrylic paintings are water based , Have you ever attempted mixing oil and water in a jar ? they seperate , same with mixing oil and acrylic painting .  However ... if your asking if you are able use both oil and acrylic paintings on the same paintings , the answering is YES . It 's called mixed media . A lot of entertainers use various a variety of ways of media in their work , amalgamating pen and ink , coloured pencil , oils , acrylics etc . There are techiniques you are required use and follow if you intend to combine acrylics and oils on the same piece of art though . Oils take time to dry , acrylics dried very rapidly unless kept moist , acrylics are far more transparent subsequently oils etc . If you intend to use miuxed news media you should pick up an low-cost book to assist in you with the techiniques . Good luck ! ! 

Q: Gouache over Acrylic paint?
A: Acrylics 's just because they are advertised to be ; Acrylic based . Enamels is in fact glass based . In fact the most suitableest enamel are in fact nothing else than colored glass that is sprinkled on metal and later fired in a furnace , Also acrylic will , at the very least most of the time , use water as their `` vehicle . '' In the case of enamels their vehicle is usually something petroleum based or only the strait glass . One last variance is that enamel utilized , primarily on plastic and metal . Acrylic utilized , on canvases or wooden boards meant for works of art . 

Q: I did a painting with acrylics. How long does it dry?
A: It depends a bit on the thickness . Thin layers dried very rapidly ( within an hour , very thick ones perhaps need one day or two . ) This are great for layering techniques . But if you wish to work wet-in-wet , you need sluggish drying paintings . You can use a retarder for acrylics , just add it to your painting and it will dry slower .