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        Q: How do I make a rock tumbler ?
A: No variance at all . Just the names . Same with `` Cocktail Glass '' also being otherwise known as a `` Martini Glass '' . 

Q: Can a glass tumbler mug keep hot drinks?
A: Because it may break from the heating if it 's not destined for that objective 

Q: Instructions for NSI rock tumbler?
A: well if you has the same sort i get you 'll need the refill kit before you are able start !   subsequently its as easy as 1234 !   first you put in the rocks and the # 1 grinding power and water to cover the rocks and let it tumble for 2-four days and later check the water level in order to make convinced its still just above the rocks . tumble for a total of 12-1four days . or till all the ruff/ sharp edges are smooth .   subsequently pour out the mixture and rinse the rocks put them back into the tumbler and add the # 2 grinding powder and add water to cover the rocks . tumble for the other 7-8 days . or till these people are almost smooth .   next you will wish to pour out the mixture and wash the rocks thuroghly and also wash out the tumbler . ( use a little bit of ajax and water and let it tumble for a bit aimed at eliminating all rock dust from within of the tumbler )   once every thing is clean of dust and dirt add the rocks and # 3 powder ( polish ) and water to the tumbler . tumble for the other 2-four days . till these people are smooth and shiny !   ( make sure you grease the moving points and the interior of the tumbler when ever you remove the lid . ) ( also make convinced you have a good rubber seal in the top of the tumbler bucket ) ( the site you discovered to get the refill kit should sell substitution seals as well and the refill kit is endowed with some i believed . )   good luck if you have any questions and issues feel free to contact me .