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        Q: Where Can i Find Cheap Ostrich Feathers?
A: Obviously counterfeit feathers will be cheaper .   If you want cheap feathers subsequently you should look for ostrich farms in your local regions and call or visit them . I do n't believe there 's a big market in ostrich feathers , so if you turn up they will presumably happy for you to have thousands you are able sort through to find 400 good ones . 

Q: What to wear with feather earrings?
A: That depends a lot on the feather .   `` Saddle Hackle '' feathers ( http : //hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches ... ) originating from a specific breeding of rooster . These roosters are bred only for their feathers , houtilized in air conditoned cages and later assassinated and plucked.The actual chicken meat becomes feed for another farm animals .   That does n't look very vegan to me , and they is certainlyre not only chosen up off the ground . The roosters are bred not to moult ( so the feathers will be increasedth longer ) therefore the best way to gain the feathers is killed both of the bird .   Down feathers ( like in a comforter ) originating from a range of sourcing . Some of the more expensive types ( Eider Down ) been achieved from the nests post-molt . Other types of generic down are either achieved by birds bred and assassinated specially for their feathers , as by-the outputs of the food industry , otherwise these people are live-plucked . Goose feather down is usually live-plucked from the bird , where a worker holds the bird down and quickly plucks the feather out of the chest area ( painful for the bird )   You can find some cruelty free feathers . They 're all attained after the bird has molted them obviously , though that does n't truly speak much to the terms and conditions in which the bird be maintained .   I was n't able say to you where the feathers for your feather earings originating from , however , if you wish to keep wearing them I 'd suggest you either make them yourself using feathers you have purchzsed on your own from a source you find to be tolerable , look for a salespeople specialize in `` cruelty free '' feathers ( like on etsy ) , or stick to synthetic feathers .   Synthetic feathers is crucially your day-to-day craft feathers that comes just unnatural , bright colors and are n't actually from birds . Most cheap feather jewellery is presumably already made out of synthetic feathers commenced its with ( like the feather boa material ) 

Q: Where do you buy hair feathers?
A: Feather-your-heads™ FEATHER-YOUR-HEADS ™ Our Feather hair extensions , is the last way creation visually staggering effects , colours , and patterns by exploiting natures high lights . Each feather hair prolongation , is made from a the collection of between five-7 feathers , ranging from 7 '' 14 '' in length . Feather-your-heads extensions are a hand picked combining of the most suitableest grade feathers attached using an adhesive , and are suitableted using the Micro loop method . ( micro beads and fitting sheet included ) This way you are able take them out , move them around your head , put them in for parties in order tolely , or keep them in for up to three months . Feather-your-heads feather extensions is feasible to brushed , blow-dried , straightened and even curled ( on low heating ) . They will last everywhere from 1 to 4 months ' time relying on how you c're for them . You will be given 5 micro loop beads with your Feather-your-heads hair prolongation , you will be required a threader and pliers , which available in our Feather-your-head instruments kit .