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        Q: How are storage devices different from storage media?
A: a . Storage datarelates to the apparatus for recording computer data , storage mediaare the materials on which data are written and stored ex . for storage data are , phoness , tablets , ipads , ipods , usb 's ex for storage media are , Hard driving , external hard driving , floppydisk , memory stick , CD-ROM and Recordable DVD 're all 

Q: Caring for Lucky Bamboo Plants?
A: Because this plant flourishes in water , it would be best to be granted it good water . Tap water is all right but put the water in a glass or a bowl and let it sit for 20-4 hours before adding it to your fortunate bamboo . The chlorine and fluoride in tap water will evaporates or neutralise during that time , and your fortunate bamboo will be much happier with this purer water .   Most fortunate bamboo plants are rising in pebbles and water . Change the water once per month . To keep your plant additional wholesome , add are a few of drops of aquarium plant food when you change the water . It 's not required to do th's every months now .   If your fortunate bamboo had risen in soil , keep the soil evenly moist . Plant food 're not required if the plant is getting its nutrients from the soil .   Keep water tiers at approximately an inch from the bases of the canes . Lucky Bamboo prefers plenty of indirect sunshine and room temperatures at 65-70o . Since growth is feasible to is monitored by feeding , little sums of fertiliser will keep the plant at a manageable sized .   A stalk that turns yellow have repeatedly been overfed with plant food . If your plant is yellow , change the water promptly , and do not give it plant food for per month .   Once the stalk turns yellow it 's a very challenging to reverse the damage ; if it 's clear-cut that you are able not save that stalk , delete it promptly to avoid having any plant diseased from expanded to the other stalks .   Two of the most frequent factors why leaves turn yellow are:1 . ) too much direct sunshine ; and 2 . ) too salted or heavily-fluoridated tap water . Keep it away from direct sunshine , and water solely with filtered or natural spring water . You may wish to thoroughly clean your pot or container , and completely change the water , too . 

Q: What is the difference between the main storage and backing storage of the computer?
A: Main memory in a computer 's storage that will be erased when acomputer 's turned off . Backing storage is memory that will saveinformation when the computer be closed .