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        Q: What kind of paper is money printed on?
A: It is cotton based paper . Well amongst other things . Banknote paper is imbued with polyvinyl alcohol or gelatine to be granted it additional strength . The accurate composition are in fact secretive .   `` eighty to 9ty grams per sq. metress cotton paper is sometimes mixture with linen , abaca , or another textile fibers . ''  -Wiki   Mulberry barking fiber utilized , in Japanese banknote paper today .  In 1983 , Costa Rica and Haiti issuance the firstly Tyvek and the Isle of Man issuance the firstly Bradvek polymer ( or plastic ) banknotes .  Over the years , a numbers of materials other than paper have utilized , to print banknotes . This includes different textiles , including silk , and materials such as leather . 

Q: How much is a 1000 banknote peso In mexico?
A: Something that costs about $ forty-5 in the sates . Since prices are high in Cancun , not as much as in other areas of Mexico . But you could get a pleasant embroidered blouse or jacket , some silver jewelry , a fancy ceramic dish , a pottery figurine , a bit hand-made carpet ... 

Q: What is the Highest value banknote in current general circulation in the world?
A: Thw single highest distributed banknote is the Singapore Dollar $ 10,000 banknote , worth about US $ 8,100 ( as of April , 2011 ) . It is feasible to altered at all bank in Singapore and significant banks & currency brokers in other nations . It 's more commonly used in higher-end retailers and casinos by gamblers and well-off individuals . Alalthough it is also possible visualized as an easy means to smuggle or launder money out of Singapore ... in practice , a person wanna to exchange numerous of these bankpoints out in other countries 's likely to is being requested to produce identifying .