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        Q: How come my truck won't start?; new battery and new distributor/cap?
A: It is perhaps not the battery , but try this :   It takes roughly 9.5 volts began to a automobile . If you hear a click sound , your battery 're not putting out sufficient voltage . Your radio , headlamps , etc. , will all work , so you 's going to think that your problem 's your starter . NOT SO . Either you have a weak battery which need charging , or the looked just likely culprit are your battery cables . Most people will look at their cables and if they LOOK clean , and do n't see any white corrosion building up on the terminals , they thought the battery terminals are making a good contact . Once again - NOT SO . Those terminals and cables are lead . Lead is a shiny metal . Scrap the top of a battery terminal and it will shine . That darkness on the terminal you scraped off 's also present between you battery terminal and cable , and will prevent a good contact . All it was necessary is to cause a decline in voltage to your starter and you will hear a clicking sound from the beginninger .  Get a good battery terminal and cable cleaner at your automobile parts store . The type with the wired inside that will truly make those terminals and cables shine . Once you have sanitized them , your battery will put out max voltage . If you still hear the click sound , take your battery to an automobile parts store and they will verify it . It is perhaps not holding a charging or you are able have a deceased cell . However , DO NOT try and clean your battery terminals with Baking Soda or Coca Cola . I 've cooperated in automobiles for over 50-five years ofs and everything that does is clean the OUTSIDE of the wordinals - NOT the link between the cable and terminal .  So numerous people run out and buy a new beginninger or battery when it is really the link himself . 

Q: Correct hook up for car audio capacitor?
A: I made the error of not using a capacitor on my system and I have shall be substituted for the alternator and battery each year . You wo n't need another fuse between the cap and the amp , but you do required to use another ring terminal . If you ever wish to broaden your system and add another amplifier , you will be happy you got another ring terminal . No matter wherever you live , there exist custom automobile audio places nearby and they have tons of them . Just ask ! 

Q: Which terminal on a car battery is positive/negative?
A: cause the posts go on the side ... do not pop the top ... its sealed ..its where they fill the acid at the factory ... .they make jumpers with elongate clips to attach to those type of batteries without grounding out on the chasis