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        Q: What causes large amount of discharge?
A: You sound like a ordinary girl to me .   Once you 're starting to puberty a white and/or clear-cut wet mucus discharge is ordinary . The vagina is self-cleaning . Th's same discharge raising the closer you get to ovulation and when you 're sexually caused . Trust me - why did n't you ever want it to go away . It 's what makes sex achievable . You will also have your own unique musky scent and it will smell stronger to you than to others .   This ordinary discharge will also continue after you get your period of time . Some girls do produce more discharge than others . You can wear a pantyliner if it bothers you .   The consistency and amount will be different due diet , water intake , disease , medicine , exercising and hormones .   Different Types of Discharge :   White : Thick , white discharge is common at the beginninging and end of your cycle . Normal white discharge 're not accompanied by itching . If itch is present , thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection .   Clear and stretchy : This is `` fruitful '' mucu.s. and mean you are ovulating .   Clear and watery : This is present at different times of your cycle and is feasible to especially heavy after exercisings .   Yellow or Green : May indicate an infection , in particular if thick or clumpy like cottage cheese or has a foul odour .   Spotting Blood/Brown Discharge : May happen right after periods of time , and is exactly `` sanitizing out '' your vagina . Old blood looks brown . This can be produced when you 're ovulating/mid-cycle .   Different types of infections :   Signs of yeast infections :  White , cottage cheese-like discharge  Swelling and pain around the vulva  Intense itching   Signs of bacterial vaginosis :  A white , grey or yellowish vaginal discharge  A fishy odour that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap  Itching or incinerating  Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva 

Q: My battery charged in 1 hour?
A: 1200mAh divided by 250mA = 4.8 hrs . Make it 5 hrs to allow for ineffectiveness . Best 's using a appropriate charger ( one destined for charging Ni -mh which will cut off automatically when the battery is totally charged 

Q: How to buy the battery for laptop correctly?
A: In portable battery using process , do not intentionally has asked to 100 percent charging , or employed totally without electricity untill automated closure , the accurate way be started to charge around 20 percent , halt charging about nine8 percent full . If the machine given the authority calibration procedure was later you are able calibrate the battery when you feel substantially reduction energy consumption , so that protect circuit is able completely work . For early laptop batteries ( Ni-MH or Ni-Cd ) , really required to completely charge and discharge in a view to maintaining good battery capacity , but for the lithium battery , it 's not needed but may damage the battery . It are being told that lithium batteries have no memory effect , in fact this is not completely accurates . It 's solely a very few memory effects . Materials for lithium battery be extremely sensitive to the temperature , the u.s.ed frequency and therefore on . After utilized for a period time , the battery will be aging , the performance of the most intuitive is the reductions of utilization of time .   The natural ullage is an significant reason , and inadequate maintenance 's another significant reason . A well-designed lithium battery has a very good protect circuit to avoid having excessive charging and discharge . Because over-charging and discharging of the battery will speedily reducing the battery activity . Becauses of such role played by the protect circuit , the u.s.er repeated different times following completionly charge and discharge , indeed , it is impracticachieved some `` full '' level . Does not make sense to do so . Sometimes WINDOWS show there exists 20 % of battery capacity , you are able use thirty minutes , but not longer later , abruptly the machine automatically closed down , this situation is because the battery has been aging , the battery protect circuit is able no longer oversee the real abilities of the battery . In the ordinary battery exhaustion , the protect circuit initial parametres have been incapable be allocatedly reflected both actual conditions of the battery , so the power calibration proceeding is to correct the benchmark protect circuit parametres per precisely reflected both actual abilities of the battery . But this rectification process will frequently take 2 or 3 complete charging and discharge , and as formerly cited , file a completedly charging and discharge is declining the battery activity , so please not very often used .   I copy that from http : //www.batterycentury.com , there you are able find numerous portable battery knowledge .