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        Q: Where to find quartz crystals and geodes?
A: There are multiple factories make quartz crystals , from crystal bar to crystal blank . And there exist numerous kinds of products called quartz crystal , such as QCM sensor , people also ceverything it crystal - but this is not a simple crystal but with gold or silver or chromium and other materials plated , with metalized electrode on it . 

Q: Where is swarovski crystal made? ?
A: They are made of a very precise glass that is similar in molecular structure to quartz crystals in the way they bend and refract light the way authentic cutting quartz crystals do . They are an imitation quartz gemstone . So all swarovski crystal is glass ... but not everyone glass is feasible to called crystal . The drinking eyeglasses you have at house have no lead because i did n't get that rainbow effect when lighting passes through . You do get that rainbow when lighting passes through quartz or glassware that 's made of crystal . The used a particular combining of silica , minerals and lead , which gives the crystal it 's light refracting properties and a warning label in California . The accurate combination and elements is a intimately guarded secret . Swarovski crystals are machine cutting so the edges of each crystal are sharp and well-defined , that also aids in the crystal 's light refracting properties . Many also receive extra chemical products and heating treatments to add color and sparkle , once again the accurate processes are closely guarded secrets . 

Q: Do some iron stains on a quartz crystal interfere or alter it's energies?
A: No  Quartz has no magical powers   It does have piezoelectric qualities , which referred to it 's conductivity of electricality , but a small bit of iron oxide will have smeverything influence on it   Piezoelectricity  http : //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piezoelectr ...