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        Q: What is a lead sentence?
A: A lead in sentencing , for papers at the very least , represent also otherwise known as a hooks , or attention-grabber . It has contributed to draw a reader into the publish and make them concerned to it . Without one , it 's a lot of money harsher to attract the attention to be paid to the reader and get one 's point across . 

Q: Does a lead pencil actually have no lead in it?
A: Pencils do not use the actual metal `` lead '' . Instead , graphite is utilized to make `` pencil lead '' . Graphite 's also the only nonmetallic that is a conductor of electricality . 

Q: Lead pipe connected to copper pipe?
A: You should not connect a lead piping to any piping . Lead 're not judicial be utilised for any piping anymore . If fulfilling a repair on a waste line lead and copper is feasible to joined by a rubber coupling with steel clamping sleeve . Lead piping CAN BE USED on acid waste systems and 's existing waste , vent . Using `` steel clamping sleeve '' is really dreadful guidance provided steel being a ferrous metal and lead being non ferrous therefore lead if under ground such as a lead bend or old shower draining can last almost one00 years STEEL buried under gound without being protection will last potentially 2-three years Using a rubber coupling is worse subsequently using duct tape as the `` rubber coupling '' when being toughened can crush the soft lead and your not going to get water tight integrity in instances of a stoppage . Ideally a professional plumber would clean the interior of the lead piping round it out and insert type `` L '' or `` K '' tube and either lead wipe or solder the link . Repair clamps are enormous for the unknowing who known they will do a inept repair and never come back to the job ALWAYS ask to see the Masters authorisation of the person actually doing the job .. It is for your protections and remember when using ANY Franchise company your going to pay off much more subsequently using an independent as the self dependent contractor does not have to be granted `` kick backs '' to a franchise therefore passing all these savings to customers '