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        Q: Is caustic soda harmful when eaten?
A: It depending on how you 're eating it . If you 're eating pure baking soda , you will were extremely unhappy -- it tastesreally bad -- however , it wo n't hurt you because you was n't able eat enoughof it to throw your body is pH off . It will respond with yourstomach 's acid to neutralise it well , that 's why people take it forindigestion . If you take a lot it might stimulate your stomach toproduce more acid , or upset your digestion . Baking soda being a common ingredient in baked goods , you'veprobably eaten one tonne of it in things without it hurting you at all . 

Q: Is a soda can a compound?
A: By evaporating liquor sodae to dryness in a silver or clean iron ship ; the process is carried out as speedily as feasible to avoid having absorption of automobilesbonic acid , and plantinum , glass , or porcelain vessels are not permissible because the alkali would act upon them . A pure hydrates is now drawn up by decomposing water with metallic sodium . 

Q: What is baking soda Compound mixture or element's?
A: Chemical formula for baking soda is NaHCO3 . It contains items sodium , hydrogen , carbon and oxygen . It has both ionic and covalent bonds .