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        Q: Help with buying a sword?
A: First you need 3 wood planks and 1 stick on a crafting tabel you set a stick on the mid bottom and set the wood planks on top of it 

Q: How do you get the sword?
A: first you required to go down to the mine get some diamonds come up and place the diamonds and sticks like this : d d s d=diamond s=stick 

Q: Looking to buy a sword?
A: If you are concerned to self-teaching was later by everyone means get them . But practice with wood firstly , and learn 's using one first . When I taught myself Kenjutsu , I went from plastic , to wood to steel , during the course of approximately a year . I 'm the only one who was only able to 's using my own particular doubles sword styling ; even my old sensei was able to n't preform it securely . Point is , doubles sword is a tough technique . You required to be able ensuringly work one sword on either hand first . I kinda just chosen up another sword after awhile , and was readily capable of work the two swords at once , so it may also be a point of natural aptitude . You totally required to be able overseeing the sword with your non-dominant hand , or you are able get severely harmed . Just remember ; as far away as we could get self-teaching , you are able always get further with a teacher .  Curved single-edge swords is really the most suitableest for it . If you are grave about learning this kind of styling was later those swords look like they 're high quality . Make convinced you also get a maintenance kit for them .  I guess I kinda gave you a impromptu intro to double sword , but hey . If you are able get the swords , go for it !