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        Q: How many chocolates can i get?
A: Basic Chocolate Fondue Recipe  125 ml ( 1/2 cup ) Water  250 g ( 1/2 lb ) Dark Chocolate  100 g ( 3.5 oz ) Milk Chocolate  300 ml ( 1 1/4 cup ) Cream , 35 percent  10 Marshm, allowed Large  Assortment of Chocolate Dippers   1 . In a bit saucepan , bring the water to a boiling was later discarding . Do not dry the saucepan .   2 . Pour the cream in the saucepan and heating over medium heating till it is hot ( around 2 minutes ) .   3 . Add the dark and milk chocolate and stir till it melts and has a smooth texture .   4 . Add the marshmallowed tond stir .   5 . Transfer to you warm Chocolate Fondue Pot or Melting Pot   enjoy ! ! 

Q: How do I use baker's chocolate instead of cocoa powder?
A: Yes ... you are able ... it will be Chocolate Cheescake ... .and no chips and enjoyable and smooth ... . just beating in about one/3 cup of powder chocolate into the batter mixing ... .adapting the sugar if required be ... .with the quantity of sugar already under the cheesecake the 1/3 cup should not affect the sweetness . If you taste it for sweetness ... and you want it sweeter , add more sugar but solely by a tablespoon at a time till it is corrects for you ... .Does n't required to be excessively sweet ... .as it will take away from the chocolate flavour . If you want it darker and more chocolatey add in more chocolate by tablespoon ... .In little sums like this you ought to be fine ... . 

Q: How can I make milk chocolate bars with cocoa powder?
A: Usually , you are able make chocolate from cacao liquor ( it 's not alcohol , just cocoa mass or cacao pasting , basically the ground bean ) .   Cocoa powder is made from cacao liquor by pressing out the cacao butter . In order to make chocolate from cacao powder , you would require to add again the cacao butter ( even a little more than was originally in the cacao liquor ) . That means , forevery ounce of cacao powder you have , add about one.1 oz . of cacao butter .   Then , relying of what kinds of chocolate you wish to make , you add confectioner 's sugar , powdered dairy ( if you wish milk chocolate ) , vanilla , a little bit of salt ( if you wish ) , and any other ingredients you would have wished to incorporate ( nuts , berries , etc. ) . You might wish to add some soya lecithin to emulsify it . Avoid water in the mixing ( therefore , no liquids dairy ) .   At the very end , you will be required to temper the chocolate before molding it , otherwise it will look dull will taste the same , however , it will look `` old '' , not shiny ) . Tempering sounds like a complex process , however , it it just a form of refrigerating down the cacao butter appropriately so that the crystals form properly . In my opinions , seeding 's the bestest method ( you tiny slices of hard cacao butter to your refrigerating chocolate , so that the crystals have a beginninger ) . Once you 're completed , let it cool down in the fridge for are a few of hours , and you will have your home made chocolate .   These are the fundamental procedures to making chocolate .