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        Q: Where can someone buy a laptop or desktop computer?
A: A notebook ( not labtop ) computer 's more of a portable type computer as compared with a desktop computer . You can take notebooks virtually everywhere since all the components are amalgamated into one device ( keypad , mouse , monitoring , CPU , speakers , some have constructed in microphones and webcams ) as opposite to the desktop computer ( which recommends that that you keep on a desk ) where all the elements are independentd . Certain advantages that notebooks have over desktops is constructed in wi-fi internet connectivity , everything 's amalgamated , because i did n't have a bunch of cords linked to your computer . 

Q: Advantages of desktop computer?
A: 1 . You can modernize a desktop computer is parts much less expensive and easily . 2 . Desktop PC 's give you more performance for the buck.. 

Q: Need a computer desktop or laptop under $400?
A: There is a very good reason are , in fact .   Laptops are the mobile machine we want when we are on the go . We can use it at work , in a coffee shopping , even when 's waiting a train . But all of this transferability came justt a pricing . And that pricing is performance . The cool mean that the processors is required to much slower , the hard driving of a smaller capacity , frequently .   For this reason , you are able also wish to have a desktop at house . Something with an enormous case which are able be air or water refrigerated better . This can allow a much more rapidly processor and a far higher capacity/higher rpm hard driving , for when you required to get some appropriate work done , such as rendering a 3d scene , or intensive hi-res video editing work .